Influencer Marketing Masterclass // 6 May 2020 [MELBOURNE]

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MELBOURNE // Wednesday 6 May 2020


This workshop will be facilitated by Tess Vuurman


9.30- 12.30pm – Workshop


Morning Tea Provided


The Digital Picnic Studio
9/105 Whitehall Street, Footscray VIC 3011

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Man, there are some incredible [and incredibly successful] business stories when it comes to influencer marketing.  We watch with fascination all.the.GD.time. Take @alyaskinaus, as an example. Launched by two 25yo men, small budget, and a seriously-rilly-good microinfluencer strategy that culminated into 249k followers in less than a year and – apparently – 14mil in revenue to boot.


Look, it’s an extreme [and extremely successful] scenario to paint there, but … that’s the beauty of influencer marketing, i.e they make little businesses turn into [seriously] big businesses.  Well, that is, when you utilise the right strategy.  


That’s where we come in, guys [i.e influencer marketing is a strategy we lean on – as much as daily – for the various clients within our SMM portfolio, and something we achieve significant success with.  It’s for this reason actually, that we want to our open our HQ doors and share a little bit o’ the all-important theory, and a whole lot of the necessary practical work, in order for you to be able to flesh out a 6 month influencer marketing campaign with us.


P.S you’ll even receive a bespoke campaign for your business [only if you fill out the pre-workshop Typeform, i.e we ain’t telepathic and need to know what your business is, ha!], with 6 months worth of social media influencers, perfectly matched to your business.




Incredible value, for those playing at home.

So? What’s covered on the day?

  • Why use influencer marketing?
  • Some of our favourite case studies, that’ll make you realise this is all so seriously do’able for your business [!].
  • How to find the perfect influencer for your business
  • You’ve found your perfect influencer… now what?
  • Managing expectations [yours, and the influencer you’re working with]
  • Some of our favourite ways to work with influencers
  • Measuring return from Influencer campaigns
  • Plus a whole lot o’ practical time to fall down the rabbit hole with your specialist trainer on the day [who falls down that rabbit hole as much as daily, for our own clients].

Who’s this workshop best suited to?

  • Folks already running influencer marketing for their business, but wanting to amplify it
  • Shy folks who sit on a DM for 500 years, too scared to hit ‘send’ [we’ve all been there, ha!]
  • Business owners who’ve always believed in influencer marketing, but haven’t known where to start [s’ok.  Aunty TDP have got your back]
  • Marketing specialists who need to dip into a snack-sized x3 hour morning workshop, and walk out with a 6 month campaign designed by us [which we couldn’t even care less if you took back to work that day, and entirely took credit for your entirely mapped out campaign] … and all before your lunch break 😉
  • Freelance marketers who are in a little bit of a rut with their client[s], and needing to walk out with something tangible [i.e your bespoke campaign, designed by us] to put a pep in your freelance marketing step again.

Who this workshop is not for?

  • Folks whose businesses are genuinely not suited to influencer marketing [i.e you manage a funeral parlour, and can’t exactly imagine receiving a good response when you’re reaching out to influencers asking them if they’d like to promote your business in exchange for xyz.  Spoiler alert? We’ll tell ya … #notsuited, ha!].

The nitty gritty details?

  • Spots are LIMITED!
  • These Masterclasses are intimate! 
  • We’ll provide a platter board of cheeses, and sliced meats, and fruit, and good stuff to get you through the 9.30am-12.30pm sprint of this particular workshop!

Exclusive access to The Digital Picnic Facebook Community
All workshop attendees will be granted lifetime access to our private Facebook community, a space to interact, ask questions and share your social media wins!



    • All workshop purchases are non-refundable, however your place may be transferred to another attendee should you be unable to attend.
    • Transfer to another workshop date is subject to availability and at the discretion of The Digital Picnic.
    • Please view our full Workshop Booking Terms & Conditions prior to booking.


If this workshop is sold out, please email us to register your interest in waitlisting for a cancellation or our next workshop

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