Influencer Shortlist

$109.00 incl. GST

10 social media influencer recommendations for your business.


Delivery of your order will be approx. 2-3 weeks.


Confession time?


We love nothing more than falling down the Instagram rabbit hole, searching for social media superstars with genuine followings / highly engaged audiences, & matchmaking them to your account accordingly.


Another confession? We’re kinda sick of seeing the same people matched up to business’ within the same spaces, and we just have this inkling that all of their followers are sick of seeing that same-same sponsored content too [#awks].


Loses that special little influential somethin’, wouldn’t you agree?


Purchase a shortlist from us, and we’ll save you the time of going deep into that Instagram-rabbit-hole, and instead, we’ll pull a shortlist together that’s x10 social media influencers deep, and customised specifically to your business.


Heck, if you allocated x1 of those influencers per month? You’d almost have your 12 month Influencer strategy right there.


* N.B this shortlist will not guarantee yes’ from our shortlisted social media influencers, that’s up to them loving your product / service you’re offering them ?

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