Influencer Shortlist + Email Scripting

$169.00 incl. GST

10 social media influencer recommendations for your business + our recommended email scripting approach.


Delivery of your order will be approx. 2-3 weeks.


Everything you’ll receive in our influencer shortlist package, plus your very own customised e-mail scripting to go with.


This is best suited to the [many!] business owners we meet who *know* Influencer Outreach is where it’s at, but lack the confidence to reach out to their favourite insta-folk.


Let us select your influencer shortlist, … and write the e-mail scripting for you [we do this for a living, so the words and the outreach itself comes so naturally to us!], which you can just copy and paste into your e-mail when you go to send it out.


Breathe in, breathe out, copy and paste, … and send!


* N.B this shortlist will not guarantee yes’ from our shortlisted social media influencers, that’s up to them loving your product / service you’re offering them ?

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