Introduction to social media analysis and reporting

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For anyone who lives in fear of data analysis and social media analysis, or is paralysed about how to turn all of those analytical insights into a monthly social media report that actually means something to your business or the business you represent? you are not alone. And you are almost every one of the 15,000 people [and counting] we’ve trained in 7 years of teaching digital marketing.

Almost everyone lives in fear of this, so we decided you all needed a masterclass that you can watch as many times as you need to, so you truly understand what you’re meant to be measuring. And more importantly, how on Earth you’re meant to be presenting this information.

Course Outline

What does this course cover

In this masterclass, we’ll be introducing you to how and why we report on our social media activity.

We’ll be covering why we report on our activity and how reports can give you an understanding of what has worked well, what could have worked well and what hasn’t worked well.

Who is this course suited to
  • In-house marketers
  • Freelance marketers
  • Business owners
  • Those looking to expand their social media marketing knowledge


Time investment

This course has x1 video module

Module duration 1 hour 50 mins

You will have 12 months to access the course materials as many times as you like.

Is this course self paced

Yes, the video modules and accompanying PDF assets are able to be accessed at any time.

You can begin as soon as you enrol and you will have 12 months access to the whole curriculum with unlimited views within that 12 months

What level of experience is required

This course is developed with introductory level curriculum. It explores how to report on your organic social media marketing activity from a beginner level.

To keep up with the course content, we’d expect you have a basic understanding of major social media platforms.

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All enrolments and graduates will be granted lifetime access to our private Facebook community; a space to interact, ask strategy questions and share your social media wins.

Based on 148 reviews
Boosting your Instagram stories game
Kate Molesworth
Valuable hour of learning!

These bite-sized hour sessions are easy to understand and offer great content to improve my social media skills and the accounts I manage.

Improving your social media captions
Belinda Milne
The best bite sized learning

I have been a huge fan of TDPs courses and content since day dot. Love actionable and bite sized learning to make my socials go boom!

Boosting your Instagram stories game
Henrietta Bird
Bang up to date and relevant content

I love these bite-sized sessions, the content is bang up to date and filled with golden nuggets of practical advice to start today. I'm a well-disguised introvert, and I'm still getting out of my shell with Instagram Stories, but I feel more confident and professional with this knowledge. Highly recommend.

Introduction to TikTok advertising
Rebecca Stern
The perfect lunch date

Loved the Tik Tok lunch n learn sesh, it was short and snappy but jam-packed with useful, up to date insight. It gave a detailed look at the Tik Tok as a new-ish ad platform and got me exciting to give it a try for my business. Yep, I'd recommend!

Improving your social media captions
Connect authentically

Cherie has such a great understanding of how to connect to your audience using captions, and she explains it all in this course.

Your LinkedIn content strategy in an hour
Emma Carver
So easy to understand

Thank you Cherie
This was my 2nd lunch n learn course with you. I have now implemented all the tips I took away from the power hour with you and the team. I know my target audience are on LinkedIn but didn’t know how to reach them. I now have a much better idea, thank you again.

Design your hashtag strategy in an hour
Monroe Francis

This mini course has literally taught me how to implement hashtags, properly! So informative and I have been getting better results since using this strategy. Thanks TDP

Posting made easy!

The IG stories prompts for my calendar was just what I needed to make posting content on social media that much easier! I don't use it everyday but when I'm stuck I just refer to the calendar and it gives me the necessary nudge of inspiration.

Improving your social media captions
Valerie Nicdao
so much info!

A fun way to deliver info, so much info! Great examples, and actionable tips. Thanks!

Just what I needed

SO helpful, I love this so much!!

Content Population Template
Megs Hollis
Fun, Fabulous & Super Functional

I have loved using my planner - especially the hashtag section! It makes me look good in front of my clients and keeps me on track with everything I gots to plan in a month. #sankYEW TDP.

So you want to be a Social Media Manager?
Ataahua Tukaramaene
Highly Recommend!

I just completed the Hashtag Strategy Lunch n Learn. I have gained valuable insight and I have completed this knowing what actions I'm going to take next. I have learnt so much and highly recommend this for anyone looking to step up their insta game.

Content Population Template
T. B.
Making it easier to consume for my clients!!!

Well, this has already been used twice in the last month. I gave the same content I give all of my clients but in a more digestible form. Rather than giving an overwhelming document, it was palatable and user-friendly.

Improving your social media captions
Jennifer Lindsay
Another gem!

I am loving lunch and learn! I didn't join the live version and only decided to purchase when I saw the replay was available and I am glad I did! So many golden nuggets as always and even though I have done many TPD learnings, I still came away with value that far exceeds the $50 price tag. Plus ... make sure you watch the Q&A at the end as I got quite a few takeaways from those asking the right questions. Thanks, Cherie and TDP! A great way to spend my rainy, windy Saturday afternoon.

Your iOS14 paid ads strategy
Jennifer Lindsay
A Must For Anyone Who Spends Even $1 On Facebook Ads

Thank you Michelle for sharing! So many key takeaways from the 1 hour session. I have already implemented things you suggested and you gave me more confidence to translate to my clients the changes happening, what to expect, what we can do and how to adjust our expectations going forward. So much packed into 1 hour and with priceless information. Thank you!

Pinterest Online Masterclass
Lots of value over time

This short Pinterest masterclass gives a lot of insightful tips. Good to know that content you post up this platform might stay and be shared around for a long time vs the fast paced world of IG or Tik Tok.

Improving your social media captions
Kick arse - as usual

When the opportunity presented itself to get hold of TDP learnings for $50 of course I jumped. I'm the proud purchaser of a few TDP courses now and this one did not if it even could have?!?!?! Highly recommend the Lunch and Learn courses for the short, sharp and uber-relevant content. Thanks guys!

Instagram Intensive Online
Katie Thomson

I found this course to be so informative and helpful. Very easy to follow. Highly recommended.

Sarah Oldmeadow
Game changer

Worth every scent! I absolutely loved this course and learnt even more than I anticipated. The insights that I gained from Cherie's transparency about working in content marketing were inspiring and immediately helpful in my own work. So many helpful and actionable tips. My only problem was having time to use all the knowledge I gained! But what a fantastic problem to now have. Thank you Digital Picnic! I'll be back for more.

Facebook Ads Advanced Online
Dee Tee
Paced to help you learn as you like it

The course was everything it said it would be. Delivered at a pace that you can manage given a busy work schedule and obligations at home. There were some golden nuggets dropped along the way that truly fit the description of an advanced course. There was no holding back on what they themselves do and that makes it even more meaningful. Thanks TDP

Julia van Zon
A game changer!

ePicnic was an amazing course. As a copywriter, I felt fairly across a lot of the content being taught but was feeling tired and unmotivated. I was expecting to basically be refreshed. I couldn't be more wrong! This course was a game changer and revealed quite a few hacks that I wasn't aware of. The course was packed full of practical information and solutions. I really appreciated the coaching calls with Cherie too - I was able to attend a few and ask questions, which was invaluable. I also asked questions later on after calls I missed and these were answered promptly. It is so great to feel supported and to learn some extremely practical insights. Looking forward to doing the next course!!

So you want to be a Social Media Manager?
Ally Moates

As an avid follower/stalker of all things tdp this was one of my first purchases. Basically, anything they put out into the world is awesome, relatable, helpful and above all real so I'd highly recommend investing.

A must for anyone wanting to become a SMM

TDP are extremely generous with the templates, advice and insider knowledge that they provide.

I've thought about becoming a SMM for some time, but didn't know where to begin as the world of freelance can be VERY intimidating. This course has armed me with everything I need to know from which accounting system to use to how to attract and, most importantly, retain clients.

The best thing I have ever invested in.

Honestly, as a social media manager, this was one of the best investment I have made in my business.

There were so many ah-ha moments, and Cherie and the team are with you every step of the way, supporting you.

Thank you legends 🥰

So many nuggets of valuable information

Cherie has a way of making it all simple and relevant and gives so many extras. Valuable templates to make life easier and an understanding of what's important and what's not.

She talks openly and honestly from experience and that is invaluable.

Thanks so much Cherie and team TDP. I am so grateful that I invested in this course - it has so been worth it.