Line Spacing Masterclass

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Wanna know how to grind a perfectionistic OCD digital marketers gears? … put a *big* ol’ chunk of copy on your Instagram captions with zilch line spacing.


PARAGRAPHS, people.  


Nothing impacts readability like a big chunk o’ text, without paragraphs.  Heck, even a small’ish chunk of text that needs 1-2 paragraphs has us automatically looking at it and thinking TL;DR [too long, didn’t read … for those playing at home].  And the thing is, it’s not too long, it just needed paragraphs, #becausereadability.


But it’s not your fault, guys.  It’s Instagram’s. Because one minute we were living happily with our ability to simply hit enter, and be given spacing, and the next? They removed that formatting, and bang … big chunks of text.


[cue Cherie in foetal position, eye twitching and neck jerk’ing].


Not ok Instagram, … not ok, ha!


S’ok guys.  We hacked it, though, because #geeklyf.  Turns out it just needs some pretty simple coding, and a little bit o’ formatting, and voila … you’ve just coded, homegurls and homeboys.  Seriously. Go and tell all of your friends, “I’m a business owner, and I dabble in a little bit o’ coding from time to time”, i.e when you want to insert a new paragraph on Instagram 😉


So? We’ve made a *really* simple video tutorial so you can all experience the true joy that comes with SPACING on Instagram, and we’re making this bad boy FREE, because we want to make Instagram readable again.



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