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Total course length: 8h 10m delivered via x10 video modules + x4 1hr livestreams [optional]


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2021? It’s the year of paid ads, baby. And this year? We’re all about helping you dodge the agency retainer fees [yep. #itME, ha!] and are instead going to be all about  *empowering* you to take charge of your own paid activity … because you can do this, y’know?



We wanna show you how.



It might sound counterintuitive for a digital agency to want you to NOT outsource your ads, but in all honesty? We get such a buzz from providing our community of legends with the tools to gear them towards serious growth [and serious profit], and you can then add even *more* profit to that scenario when you go and cut out that middle man. Heck, maybe that’s a short-term 9-12 month thing, until you build enough profitability to go all out with outsourcing your paid ads activity?



Our Facebook Ads Bootcamp combines our Intermediate and Advanced ads courses, and levels them the fudge up with 10 cracking modules to help you get your head around Ads Manager once and for all.  But the best bit? Well, we think it’s in being able to diagnose and turn poor performing Facebook ad campaigns around, thanks to mentoring from our paid ads team [high-performing AF].



Join our ads specialists for an immersive deep-dive into TDP’S ads systems and processes– from concept right through to reporting, with full transparency into how we generate the best possible results for our clients. Over 10 weeks commencing March 1st, we’ll cover:




1. Business manager and foundations.


2. Strategic Approach to advertising


3. Targeting like a pro


4. Creative considerations


5. It’s a set up


6. Monitoring and optimising


7. Making easy work of errors and common issues


8. Level up your ads


9. Reporting


10. Wrap it up



Not only that? You’ll be supported with livestreams on four key modules that are indescribably more valuable [in terms of mentoring] than a x2 hour phone chat with FB ads support [1.75 hours of those 2 hours, is you on hold. #lol].



Gain full insight [and a little bit of cheerleading, because we seriously stand for business owners who get-sh*t-DONE, and ultimately elevate their revenue by simply … knowing more] for less than the cost of a two months retainer for paid ads management with a digital marketing agency [ahem. us].



Manage ads effectively in-house, or if you ultimately outsource? Oversee all o’ that activity effectively and know exactly what questions to ask. And, just because so many of you have asked already? We’re including one-on-one support sessions as an optional extra, so you feel supported by us in the way that you do by a good bra [or a firm pair of jocks if you swing that way.]



Whether you’re a small business owner, or an agency professional wanting to level up your service offering, this lovingly curated course is the perfect way to pave your path to profitability in 2021.






What it is: A 10 week module-based  program designed for ads newbies or people who have been running ads for a while and are ready to introduce some testing, level up their creative, and fast track their results. You’ll benefit from an online community, mentorship and livestreams on 4 key modules throughout the course where you can fire our ads strategists your curly questions, and enjoy the step-by-step as we go through creating a real-life campaign together over 10 weeks.


What it’s not: sorcery. Truly. We’re not withholding some secret formula of witchcraft and wizardry, so if you’re an ads expert already, this probably isn’t the one for you. It’s not ads management either– the only person logging in to your ads Manager account here will be you, you little soon-to-be ads legend you.



Total course length: 8h 10m delivered via x10 video modules + x4 1hr livestreams [optional]

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March 2021

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