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Paid Ads in a Day – In-Person Workshop

Learn the ins and outs of paid ads with our full-day, intensive in-person workshop to elevate your skills and drive exceptional results for your business.

Malcolm Gladwell articulated that it takes 10,000+ hours to master a new skill. Josh Kaufman then debunked that and said, “No, it’s 20 hours”.

We reckon we can get you confidently executing your own paid ads activity in just one day, via our one day in-person paid ads workshop. It’s a big call, we know. But you just need the foundations.

… and then with those all-important foundations laid? You can then focus on 20 hours, or 10,000+ hours to truly specialise, but carving out 20 hours or 10,000 hours on paid ads without any foundations laid? Horrifyingly expensive.

We don’t want that for you.


Welcome to our comprehensive, in-person one day workshop…

… designed to equip business owners and marketing professionals with the skill and knowledge to run paid ad campaigns that actually convert. From strategy to creative, managing and optimising, you’ll walk away ready to take your campaigns to the kind of level that makes you feel really good about keeping that activity in-house.

Our attendees join this workshop with two real goals:

(1) to either confidently run paid ads activity in-house, or

(2) to build the early wins in order to effectively scale that activity to the point where you can confidently [and easily] outsource to a team of specialists.

[not everyone wakes up with an overwhelming desire to scale paid ads, y’know? #lol].

No matter your goal, we reckon you owe it to yourself to join our team of paid ads specialists for the day and take this activity seriously… and dive into a masterclass tailored for marketers, business owners or digital marketing enthusiasts alike.


The paid ads landscape is continually evolving and to run successful campaigns? It’s important to keep up.

Long gone are the days of pre-iOS14 advertising or lockdown spending – and it’s more important than ever to approach every element of your paid ads activity, from targeting to creative, with a strategic and calculated approach.

Luckily for you, our paid ads specialist have scaled a plethora of iconic brands from teeny SMEs shipping product from their garages in their early years… to national brands every Australian would know [and love].

Hosted by TDP’s very own in-house paid media specialist team, this full-day workshop is an investment for paid ads success in 2024 and beyond.

You’ll walk away with personalised and actionable insights [not to mention a strategy, or two] to ensure you’re set up for success… whatever that may look like for you and your business.

So, what does the Paid Ads In A Day Cover?

Illustration of TDP nerd emoji.

Together we will dive into:

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

The anatomy of a great campaign strategy

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Understanding objectives and optimisations

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Finding your audience through clever targeting

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

What makes killer ads copy [with a few ChatGPT prompts to lighten that mental load]

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

The kinds of creatives that work in 2024

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

How to optimise and scale your campaigns

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Paid ads trends we’re seeing

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

How to prepare for key sale periods, like EOFY

Who is this workshop for?

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Marketing professionals who’ve spent their entire degree waiting to get to the practical stuff

then graduated realising, “sh*t.  I’m going to have to learn this all on-the-job” … and you’ve kinda felt like you’ve been fluffing along ever since. 

[But no judgement here! That Bachelor degree laid down all of the important foundations, but consider our workshop as a fill-in-the-gaps experience. Like, all of the gaps].

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Business owners who can’t afford to outsource their paid ads activity

and don’t want to, but subsequently need to learn how to do this themselves.

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Business owners who are outsourcing their paid ads activity

and want to better understand where their hard-earned dollars are going and how to support your results through creative and strategic recommendations.

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Freelance marketers looking to significantly upskill in paid ads

so that you can [also significantly] bump up that hourly rate/monthy retainer [did we mention how much prospective clients love seeing that you’ve done a TDP workshop before? Actually, a lot of freelance marketers fill out their marketing portfolios from our private TDP grad community on FB alone].

What participants have said about our workshops and courses…

five stars

Cannot speak more highly of The Digital Picnic!

Where to even start… the VALUE is absolutely incredible! No matter your skill level, their courses are truly fantastic. You’ll learn more, you’ll upskill and you’ll be able to streamline your processes DRAMATICALLY. The time and care they put into these courses is truly something special. I will continue to support TDP in anyway I can as it is truly a one-in-a-million business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Alisha

five stars

I have so much respect for TDP as a business.

I’ve taken their online Strategy and Reporting/Analytics courses, and will be taking part in their upcoming ChatGPT course soon. They’ve taught me invaluable, industry-level skills for my own freelance marketing career. They have also kept their integrity whenever they’ve let me know one of their courses is or isn’t valuable for my specific needs as a student/consumer. Their own branding is incredible (think a dentist with perfect teeth) and is a reflection of their expertise.

I trust them whole-heartedly with their knowledge and customer service within the field.

– Rubi

five stars

I highly recommend learning from TDP.

We asked around for recommendations on learning social media and we were pointed to The Digital Picnic. We signed up to their ePicnic course which was jam packed with incredible insightful info, tips and tricks. It’s early days for us on Facebook and Instagram, but we’re already getting inquiries. I highly recommend learning from TDP.

And highly applaud their after-sales investment in their clients and students through their community groups.

– The Good Tradie

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop has been designed for business owners, marketing professionals, and anyone looking to learn more about paid ads. Whether you’re looking to elevate your existing activity or build a new strategy from scratch, you’ll find immense value in our full-day workshop.

What makes this workshop different from online courses?

Unlike passive online courses, our workshop offers an interactive, hands-on learning experience. You’ll engage in real-time discussions, exercises, and receive immediate feedback from industry experts. Plus, the networking opportunities with peers provide additional value that can’t be found behind a screen.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

Just bring your laptop, a notebook for any extra notes you might want to jot down, and an open mind ready to absorb and apply new strategies. We’ll provide all the necessary materials, including worksheets and guides, to help you during and after the workshop

How do I make sure I get the most out of this workshop?

To make the most of our time together, we don’t cover the set up of your Ads Manager accounts or Pixel installation. While we touch on these topics briefly, we do highly recommend you have your Ad Account and Pixel set up before your attend to ensure you can hit the ground running.

What's not covered during the workshop?

We don’t cover ads outside of Meta, so TikTok, Google, Pinterest or LinkedIn. We also won’t cover in great detail how to set up your pixel or ads manager, or technical troubleshooting.

Is lunch provided?

Yes, we believe a full day of learning deserves good food! Lunch will be provided, along with morning and afternoon refreshments. Please let us know [in the field below] if you have any dietary restrictions ahead of time so we can accommodate your needs.

How much does the workshop cost?

The investment for this full-day workshop is $1,000 per person [interest-free payment plans available]. This includes all workshop materials, personalised instruction from industry experts, lunch, and refreshments. Plus, you’ll leave with actionable strategies and insights that can transform your social media presence.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please check out the full booking terms and conditions here


Will there be any follow-up support after the workshop?

Absolutely! We’re committed to your success beyond just the day of the workshop. You’ll have access to our exclusive alumni group where you can continue networking, share successes, and seek advice from your peers and our experts. You’re also more than welcome to book in for 1:1 coaching for additional support.

How many people will be in the workshop?

12 people.  To ensure a personalised and interactive experience, we limit the number of attendees. This allows for in-depth discussions, one-on-one feedback, and a more engaging learning environment. Secure your spot early to avoid disappointment!

Don’t let another day pass by letting your hard-earned dollars go to waste in your paid ads activity.

You’re just steps away from taking your paid ads activity to the next level and driving some transformative results for your business or clients. With limited seats available, now’s the time to take that crucial step forward. Join us for a day of transformation, learning and connection that will set your brand up for success.

Let’s create something bluddy-excellent [and seriously strategic] together.

Cost: $1000 per person

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Important Info

Date: Wednesday 31st July, 2024

Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm  [Melbourne time]

Location: This workshop will take place at TDP HQ [our offices 😘]in Docklands, Melbourne.

Here’s the address:

Office SCF16, Level 1
432-446 Docklands Drive, Docklands
Victoria 3008 (Get directions)

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