SEO + Google Ads workshop //29 May 2019 [MELBOURNE]

$549.00 incl. GST

MELBOURNE // Wednesday 29 May 2019


This workshop will be facilitated by Erin Morris


10:00 – 4:00 pm – Workshop

Lunch and Afternoon Tea Provided


The Digital Picnic Studio
9/105 Whitehall Street, Footscray VIC 3011

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SEO + AdWords Workshop


A lot of people shy away from SEO, and honestly? It’s got a bit of a bad rep. as one of the “dark arts” of the internet. But, in SEO’s defence? … it’s come a long way since the blackhat SEO days of the early 2000’s [is it just us, or does that sound a little Harry Potter’esque, ha!), including countless algorithm updates.


Did we just say Algorithm? You betcha. If the FB and Instagram algorithms have you rolling your eyes and hashtagging #makeinstagramchronologicalagain, then try playing in search engine land.




Us SEO kids have been wrangling algorithms since the beginning of the internet – take that, Facebook 😉


… which is why we’re bringing our favourite SEO kid / Adwords extraordinaire in for a whole day picnic on SEO + Adwords for your business, because we want you to nail this SEO / Adwords thing, and feel like it’s the perfect complimentary next step once you’ve wrapped your head around those social media algorithms 😉


So, what’s included in the day?


First up? SEO degustation;


So if you’re a business owner? You’ve likely received 3-4 e-mails per month from our beloved “SEO snake oil charmers” telling you how they’ve trawled your website, and there are many gaps / deficits, and so you need to invest in their offshore SEO services ASAP, ha!


Jokes aside, it is important, but more importantly? We want to teach you what you need to know so you can pull off your own SEO until perhaps you one-day outsource your SEO yourself, and you can then at least be an authority and more importantly, be in-the-know with regards to who you outsource to / what you should expect.


SEO plays such a major role in a businesses online success, and not just in terms of producing high rankings in the search results. Many companies are using search engine optimisation to help with their branding as well.


So, what is our SEO expert, Erin, going to teach you?


  • An overview of how search engines work
  • Different types of search results
  • Examples of sites doing SEO well
  • An interactive activity: Practice writing an SEO page title and meta description for a “made up site”, with the goal being to show you there is more than one way to write a winning SEO title and description
  • How to conduct keyword research [including some tools] – examples of how to build out a blog content strategy
  • Measuring organic search in Google Analytics
  • Another activity [important stuff, those activities, ha!]: how to optimise a page on your own website [within your workbook – which you can then apply later].
  • Where to make SEO updates in diff platforms: Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace
  • Helpful tools [Google Search Console, Analytics, KW Tool, Trends, etc.]



And theeeeeeeeeeen? It’s AdWords time;


Ah, AdWords. If you’re into numbers, consumer psychology, and the concept of limitations driving creativity [hello 30 character headlines – and you thought Twitter was bad] – then you’ll love AdWords.


There is just soooo much that you can do with the platform, but if you’re not doing it properly, it can feel like setting money on fire would be a more effective use of your marketing budget – yikes.


Google has a habit of making handy “suggestions”, which could mean you end up with 100 keywords in one Ad Group, and your budget drained in a matter of hours – double yikes.


Get AdWords right and it can be a brilliant defence to competitors creepin’ in on yo’ territory – #getoffmybrandterms – and complementary to all of your other marketing efforts.


So what is our Adwords expert, Erin, going to teach you?


  • A recap of how search engines work
  • An overview of how paid search works
  • Different types of Adwords campaigns [Search, Remarketing, Display, Shopping], and when you’d use them – mention how to set up Display and Shopping [they can see steps in workbook].
  • An example of a great ad [search intent, ad copy, landing page experience].
  • An activity: write a paid search ad
  • The importance of a good account structure – and different structures for different resourcing capabilities
  • Another activity: map out your account structure in your workbook
  • Using the keyword planner tool for research and campaign planning
  • How to measure Adwords performance
  • Helpful tools


Spots are limited for this one, so move fast if SEO / Adwords upskilling has been on your business to-do list!



Exclusive access to The Digital Picnic Facebook Community
All workshop attendees will be granted lifetime access to our private Facebook community, a space to interact, ask questions and share your social media wins!



  • All workshop purchases are non-refundable, however your place may be transferred to another attendee should you be unable to attend.
  • Transfer to another workshop date is subject to availability and at the discretion of The Digital Picnic.
  • Please view our full Workshop Booking Terms & Conditions prior to booking.


If this workshop is sold out, please email us to register your interest in waitlisting for a cancellation or our next workshop

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