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Master social ads with our most comprehensive course yet. 

Introducing Social Ads Mastery

Your ultimate guide to approaching your ads activity with strategy and confidence.

With a decade of experience in digital marketing and having equipped more than 20,000 business owners and marketing professionals with cutting-edge skills, this course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tactics needed to create, manage, and optimize social ads that truly convert.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to boost campaign performance, a business owner aiming to increase online presence, or a digital marketing enthusiast eager to learn the latest in social ads, this course offers a deep dive into the strategies that drive success across Meta ads and beyond.

Are you currently:

  • Are you spending too much on ads with little return?

  • Feeling restricted by basic advertising skills?

  • Struggling to connect with your target audience?

  • Frustrated with underperforming ads?

  • Finding it hard to optimise ads effectively?

  • Confused about setting up effective ads?

Do you want to:

  • Master advanced strategies to maximise ROI.

  • Harness sophisticated tactics to drive superior engagement and conversions.

  • Utilise precise targeting methods to boost engagement and ad performance.

  • Create high-converting ads that consistently deliver outstanding results.

  • Master analytics to continuously improve ad campaigns for sustained success.

  • Learn streamlined setup techniques to minimise errors and maximise efficiency.

What is covered in the Social Ads Mastery Course?

Module 1: Setting the foundations 📚
  • Getting to know Business Manager/Suite 📊

  • Setting up and managing your pixel 

  • Managing your product catalogue 🛒

  • The other assets at your disposal 🎯

  • Troubleshooting 🛠️

Module 2: Nailing your strategy 🧠
  • A note on boosting 🛑
  • Putting your strategy hat on 
  • Campaign objectives 🎯
  • How to make your campaigns work together 🤝
  • A few other important factors 🌟
Module 3: Finding and wowing your audience 🎯
  • Why good targeting is so important 🎯
  • Audience types 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
  • Custom audiences 🎯
  • Lookalike audiences 🕵️‍♂️
  • Saved audiences 💾
  • Leverage your website activity 🌐
  • Troubleshooting and common audience errors 🛠️
  • The Basics ℹ️
  • All The Current Options 📊
  • Aligning your creative and brand 🎨
  • Your Competition 🏆
  • Some Brands We Love ❤️
Module 4: Setting up [and troubleshooting] 🛠️
  • Understanding Ads Manager 📊
  • Setting up your campaign 🚀
  • Setting up your Ad set 🎯
  • Setting up your Ad 📝
  • Duplicating Ads 🔄
  • Checking your Ads 🔍
  • Naming conventions 🏷️
  • Issues we see often 🚫
  • Solving probs 🛠️
  • What to do when you run out of options 🤷‍♂️
Module 5: Monitoring & Optimising for success 📊
  • Monitoring 📈
  • Optimising 🔄
  • Automated rules 🤖
  • Homework 📚
Module 6: Ads beyond meta 🌐
  • Finding the right social platform 🔍
  • Getting the technical side right 🔧
  • Moving on to Google Ads 🌐
  • How do Google Ads work? 🤔
  • Types of Google Ads 📊
  • Strategy 🎯
Module 7: Making easy work of errors 🔧
  • Overcoming technical hitches and errors along the way 🔧
  • Issues we see often 🚫
  • Solving business manager probs 🛠️
  • What to do when you run out of options 🤷‍♂️
Module 8: Analytics and reporting 📈
  • Understanding the metrics 📊
  • Which metrics to report on 📈
  • How to structure a report 📑
  • Levelling up 🚀
  • Wrapping up the program 🎁
  • Q+A ❓

Over 8 modules [Just over 8 hours of content] you’ll work through every element of bringing successful ads to life on Meta [and potentially other digital ads platforms as well should your adventure take you there!] But that’s just the beginning! 🚀

Who is this course for?

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Digital marketers

Go from having basic campaign management skills to being an expert in crafting high-converting social ads and driving engagement.

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Business owners and entrepreneurs

Go from being uncertain about ad strategies to confident in creating and managing effective ads that boost business growth and ROI.

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Advertising professionals

Go from being familiar with basic ad platforms to proficient in crafting ads strategy and feeling confident to implement across multiple platforms to enhance your client results.

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Social media managers

Go from offering standard social media and content creation to being upskilled in integrating paid ad campaigns to your service offerings.

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Marketing Students

Go from theoretical knowledge to practical skills in social media advertising, mastering campaign setup, optimization, and analysis to excel in today’s digital marketing landscape.

TDP the brains behind our famous social strategies

Anyone looking to master social media advertising

From novice with little to no experience. To knowledgeable and capable of setting up, optimising, and analysing successful ad campaigns.

What participants have said about our courses and masterclasses…

five stars

Cannot speak more highly of The Digital Picnic!

Where to even start… the VALUE is absolutely incredible! No matter your skill level, their courses are truly fantastic. You’ll learn more, you’ll upskill and you’ll be able to streamline your processes DRAMATICALLY. The time and care they put into these courses is truly something special. I will continue to support TDP in anyway I can as it is truly a one-in-a-million business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Alisha

five stars

I have so much respect for TDP as a business.

I’ve taken their online Strategy and Reporting/Analytics courses, and will be taking part in their upcoming ChatGPT course soon. They’ve taught me invaluable, industry-level skills for my own freelance marketing career. They have also kept their integrity whenever they’ve let me know one of their courses is or isn’t valuable for my specific needs as a student/consumer. Their own branding is incredible (think a dentist with perfect teeth) and is a reflection of their expertise.

I trust them whole-heartedly with their knowledge and customer service within the field.

– Rubi

five stars

I highly recommend learning from TDP.

We asked around for recommendations on learning social media and we were pointed to The Digital Picnic. We signed up to their ePicnic course which was jam packed with incredible insightful info, tips and tricks. It’s early days for us on Facebook and Instagram, but we’re already getting inquiries. I highly recommend learning from TDP.

And highly applaud their after-sales investment in their clients and students through their community groups.

– The Good Tradie

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Social Ads Mastery is delivered via video training. 📹 [with loads of checklists and templates included ✅]

This on-demand course is 100% online, allowing you to learn at your own pace. 🕒

Accessing Your Training:

You’ll receive access to your learning materials via a student dashboard on our e-learning website, plus a bunch of emails to keep you engaged along the way. 💻📧

[Standard access is for 12 months or choose the lifetime access upgrade for $50 extra]. 🗓️🔒

What practical skills will I gain?

You’ll leave with actionable skills to create, manage, and optimise effective social media ads across multiple platforms.

What support will I receive?

While there isn’t a separate support group for this program as a purchaser of a TDP training you’ll be invited to join our exclusive Facebook group, a vibrant community where you can engage in weekly AUA (Ask Us Anything) posts.

Connect directly with our team of Specialists, get your burning questions answered, and enjoy personalised help on all training-related topics.

How long does it take to complete?

In Social Ads Mastery there are 8 video lessons, each between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes in length. 🕗

You’ll dive into over 8 hours of expert training. 📚

But that’s just the beginning! 🚀

To truly excel, you’ll need to dedicate time to setting up, monitoring, and optimising your ads. 💪

Your commitment beyond the videos will turn knowledge into impactful results. 🤑

Do I need prior experience with social ads?

While prior experience can be beneficial, this course is structured to be valuable for both beginners and seasoned advertisers.

Ready to transform your approach to social media advertising and achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of?

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