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Total course length: 5 hours 10 mins delivered over x7 video modules + x6 1hr livestreams [optional]

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Do you wanna know what we wanted when we were first starting out as freelance social media manager?






Someone who had worked the industry / were super professional at what they did / had earned themselves a good reputation in their field / had made “mistakes”, & learnt from them [i.e not charging the right hourly rate [!!!] / had experienced big wins, & subsequently wanted to share their learned wins with their colleagues [i.e you!] / someone to guide you right through from landing your first client, to nailing your first client [& going on – confidently – to add to your SMM portfolio].



… this is where we come in, via our 12 week online Social Media Manager School!



Hosted by TDP’s Cherie, a passionate digital marketer who’s done the #freelancefreefall, & subsequently want to teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed as a freelance social media manager.



You’ll leave this 12 week online program with a full understanding of;



  • How to structure a proposal
  • How to create an estimate
  • How to explain your accountability
  • How to structure your billing [i.e per hour / per week / per month / job-to-job]
  • Advertising your services
  • Monitoring your results
  • What tools to use [i.e to schedule your SM activity, & then monitor it]
  • Accounting for SMM professionals [Xero, Harvest etc.]
  • Time management
  • How to present a content plan to your client
  • How to sell your social media services



And you’ll learn all of this via x7 easy-to-digest and incredibly implementable modules, as well as receiving a host of printable templates to use professionally, tuning into fortnightly FB live coaching [if you can’t make them, we’ll tag you in so you can watch the replay], and finally? Weekly Q&A threads.  Additionally, you’ll receive access to a small and private FB community where TDP’s Cherie will host regular livestreams, check in on you whilst you’re undertaking different exercises throughout our learning program, and generally just hover around like a “helicopter Mum / Mother Hen” whilst you work through the course.



And lastly? But really importantly [especially to us!], you’ll leave with a new sense of confidence, a [practical!] plan to execute all of your new learnings, and a community that’ll support you long after this learning experience is over via our private FB group where we [and our incredible community!] are there to support / mentor / encourage / lovebomb et. al.






  • You’ll be expected to keep pace with just one module per fortnight
  • Your hand will be held every step of the way [we know you guys have a lot going on BTS when you choose to invest in online learning, whilst simultaneously  juggling life].
  • During that week, there will be a Q&A thread in the private FB community you’re invited to as part of your learning, and any question is welcome there.
  • Additionally, each fortnight you’ll be invited to an FB livestream with your mentor, TDP’s Cherie where any questions will be answered in real-time, as well as a little check-in on some of the activities you’ll be undertaking as part of each module.
  • You’ll be welcome to network with other freelancers in this group, who we expect will [hopefully] become lifelong professional buddies for you [believe us when we say this, every freelancer needs them!].
  • After the course has completed, you’ll be invited into The Digital Picnic’s primary FB community group, where you’ll receive lifetime access to us and our community [as well as opportunities to apply for the countless freelance job opportunities we promote there].




  • Sample proposal for you to use to send to prospective clients in the pitching stage
  • Sample questions to ask in first client meetings once you’ve on-boarded them
  • Tone of voice template for new clients
  • Content plan template
  • Client monthly reporting template
  • Client retention strategy




  • x1 free eBook ‘So You Want To Be a Social Media Manager’, plus access to our eBook FB private community
  • Exclusive access to The Digital Picnic Facebook Community
  • All Social Media Manager School online eLearners will be granted lifetime access to our private Facebook community, a space to interact, ask questions and share your social media wins!


KICK OFF: 1st February 2021


COURSE COMPLETION: 23rd April 2021


* N.B numbers are STRICTLY CAPPED for this program, so it is genuinely a first come, first served basis!



COST: $700 [inclusive of GST] + available with humm




Total course length: 5 hours 10 mins delivered over x7 video modules + x6 1hr livestreams [optional]



  • All online learning purchases are non-refundable, however your place may be transferred to another attendee should you be unable to attend.
  • Transfer to another intake date is subject to availability and at the discretion of The Digital Picnic.
  • Please note that by purchasing the above eLearning + mentorship program, that you recognise the agreed coaching calls will be locked in prior to the intake starting however – as with anything in life – there will be occasions where those dates will change. We will always provide ample warning, and a new date will be locked in and honoured. We will always do our best to stick to the dates that have been locked in, but sometimes? Cherie wakes up with tonsillitis, and believe-you-me … you don’t wanna be on a coaching call with a tonsillitis’s Cherie 
    All coaching calls will be conducted during business hours, however if you’re unable to attend? They are recorded and available for delayed viewing with all questions answered. Rest assured my pretties, you will all be coached 

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February 2021

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