The Neurospicy Masterclass

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The Neurospicy Masterclass: Tools to thrive as a neurodivergent in business


Due to popular demand this class in now available to purchase on-demand as a replay. You’ll get access to every little morsel of goodness from the live session, without the live chat functionality. However? Our DMs are always open!


Elevate Your Business Beyond the Neuronormative Standards 🧠


It’s high time we debunked the myth: the traditional, neuronormative business playbook isn’t the only route to success. As a neurodivergent entrepreneur myself, I’ve felt the frustration. And that’s why I’m sharing a fresh perspective, one that celebrates and harnesses our unique capabilities.

Join me for an insightful 3-hour virtual masterclass tailored exclusively for neurodivergent business owners.


Your Brain, Your Business: Why This Masterclass is a Game-Changer:

  • Dive deep into strategies born from neurodivergent experiences, for neurodivergent success.
  • Gain tools developed through an autistic lens to navigate the world of online business.
  • Equip yourself to sidestep neuronormative pitfalls that hold back your potential.


Masterclass Highlights:

Financial Fluency for Dyscalculia: Break down business finances in an accessible, comprehensible manner, and move beyond that to help yourself get crystal clear on what’s required of you [and your team, if you have one] to achieve the financial milestones your business needs to achieve to stay in business.

Authentic Team Building: Learn to grow and nurture a team while embracing and championing your neurodivergent identity.

Neurodivergent-Friendly Content Marketing: Did you know the majority of ways we’re taught to grow our business online would literally burn a neurodivergent business owner out? We’ll walk you through how to build effective systems to market your business online, in harmony with your unique thinking style.


Who Is This For?

  • Neurodivergent entrepreneurs ready to reshape their business journey.
  • ND Business owners who’ve felt out of place with ‘traditional’ approaches.
  • ND business owners who subsequently need to heal from being held to those abovementioned neuronormative approaches.
  • Individuals looking to understand and support neurodivergent colleagues or partners.
  • Those who believe in a diverse, inclusive, and more successful business world.


This replay will be available in your student dashboard for up to 12 months from the date of purchase.