The Ultimate Freelance Marketing Bundle

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Oh, we see you. You poured through every template within our little shop’o’templates and you thought, “but I want [nay: need] them all” … and we, uh, agree. As in, these templates are so good [and will take hours of unnecessary admin and design off your plate when you just want to do what you do best: strategy development, and implementation]. We figured, there’s 100-odd freelance’y mates out there who looked at our $30 and $40 option[s] and thought, “nah, I’m gonna need the whole bundle.  Please.  And thank you”. This is that bundle, and almost exactly as the name suggests? … it includes everything a freelance marketing professional will need to be able to hit the ground running in terms of pitching, and proposing, and landing the client [thanks to those x2 templates], and onboarding, and onboarding well [thanks to that template], and responding to out of scope requests via our rate card template, and, and, and … you get the gist.  Don’t waste time [like, we’re talking … weeks] creating every template you’ll ever need, because this bundle is the Monopoly equivalent of landing Mayfair and Park Lane with all houses/hotels built on it [so you can get straight to earning on them, and from them]. In fact, we should’a just called this bundle: Mayfair and Park Lane [but nobody would’a understood that reference, eh?!].   What do you get inside your Social Media Starter Pack Bundle?

  • 8 strategically designed templates with copy prompts and image placeholders, including:
  • A 34-page Social Media Strategy Template
  • A 12-page Social Media Proposal Template
  • A 14-page Client Onboarding Template
  • A 14-page Services and Pricing Card Template
  • A 10-page Client Case Study Template
  • A 7-page Rate Card Template
  • A 25-page Monthly Analytics Reporting Template
  • A 42-page Monthly Content Population Template
  • All are fully editable to make your own
  • Step-by-step instructions for onboarding clients seamlessly
  • A beginner-friendly design process that can be edited purely in Canva

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive another email shortly with the link to the bundle, as well as handy-dandy instructions to get you cracking. The purchase of this bundle only allows one person to access the links and bundle, and it must not be shared.