The Ultimate Guide to setting up your SMM Business Online Masterclass [REPLAY]

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***Please note, this is a replay of our Ultimate Guide to Setting up your SMM Business Online Masterclass***

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Do you wanna know what we wanted when we were first starting out as freelance social media marketers?


A mentor.


Someone who had worked the industry / were super professional at what they did / had earned themselves a good reputation in their field / had made “mistakes”, & learnt from them [i.e not charging the right hourly rate [!!!] / had experienced big wins, & subsequently wanted to share their learned wins with their colleagues [i.e you!] / someone to guide you right through from landing your first client, to nailing your first client [& going on – confidently – to add to your SMM portfolio].


… this is where we come in, & Fletch Digital.  


We’re x4 passionate digital marketers who’ve all done the #freelancefreefall, & subsequently want to teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed as a freelance social media marketer.



Here’s what we cover;

  • How to structure a proposal
  • How to create an estimate
  • How to explain your accountability
  • How to structure your billing [i.e per hour / per week / per month / job-to-job]
  • Advertising your services
  • Monitoring your results
  • What tools to use [i.e to schedule your SM activity, & then monitor it]
  • Accounting for SMM professionals [Xero, Harvest etc.]
  • Time management
  • How to present a content plan to your client
  • How to sell your social media services


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