Weekly content outline

$199.00 incl. GST

Weekly content themes development.



Delivery of your order will be approx. 2-3 weeks.



Ok, fess’ up, … you’re posting on the fly, aren’t you?


Ad-hoc posting, collapsing into bed at 10pm and realising you haven’t posted anything to your socials that day, generally just posting without a plan [man!].


We get it.


But we couldn’t operate social media without a plan, so this particular service is like tapping into our a) strategy and, b) OCD.


This service will have us fully researching your business / mapping out a weekly content outline for you to use across your socials, & from there? You can rest easy, little business owner, because if you print all of this out? You’ll now only have to look at your content outline / source the content we’ve mapped out for you / schedule it in accordingly.


Best feeling.  Believe me, we know, … we couldn’t operate social media any other way?


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