Social Media Management Online Masterclass

So you want to be a social media manager?


But you don’t know where to start? And your friends think you’re being paid $900 per week to post x2 status updates to Facebook per week.  And you don’t know how to pitch your services to prospective clients? Or worse, you’ve pitched your services to prospective clients and they said YES [oh-ma-GAHD, it was a practice run, & you ab.solutely thought they’d say no!], & now you’ve got no idea what to charge?


So, we’ve decided you need a Masterclass.  And it’s going to be “a day in the life of a social media manager”, only, … it’ll be 15 years in the life of, because we’ll be combining our experiences as x2 award winning digital marketers and guiding you as a budding freelance digital marketer-to-be, or mentoring you as newbie’ish freelance digital marketer who could use a little bit o’ career mentoring.


Wednesday 28 September @ 8pm [AEST]

Please note this was originally 21 September but has been rescheduled due to illness.




The session will run for approximately 1.5 hours with 1/2 an hour allocated for Q&A at the end. If you can’t stay for the duration, or make this particular time you’ll be able to watch the replay at any time if you have registered.



The Social Media Management Online Masterclass is $149 incl. GST


Please note: After your payment is completed by PayPal, you should be redirected to a page to complete your registration where you’ll fill in your name and email address and then receive the direct link to the webinar room. If you are not redirected to be able to complete your registration, please email us to ensure you don’t miss the notifications for the webinar.

Social Media Management Online Masterclass

Here’s what we’ll cover;


  • How to get experience in social media [& on the flipside, how to know when you’re at capacity!]
  • How to develop a pitch / proposal for a client you’re itching to work with
  • A day in the life of a social media manager [ie the realities of social media management!]
  • The ideal attributes and traits for a social media manager to possess. Personality is key in social media and it is definitely not for everyone!
  • A guide to expected rates of pay for social media mangement
  • Setting yourself up and getting paid, registering an ABN, company name, trademarking and insurances
  • Expectations of clients – Our recommended reporting format, client meetings and client communication guidelines
  • Transition phase – getting new clients, what you need to know and how to get started
  • Making life easier – scheduling tips, productivity apps we recommend
  • Where to look to secure social media jobs – how to commence networking and finding the perfect social media role for you


Look, we’re biased, … but we think this is your career investment, & we can’t wait to teach you about the in’s and out’s of an industry we are so incredibly passionate about!

The Social Media Management Online Masterclass will commence in








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