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Social Media Ads Mastery

Welcome to the Social Media Ads Mastery program – the ads upskilling experience we’d wish upon every business owner and marketing professional.

Over 12 weeks you’ll be empowered to build your growth-driving Meta ads. This all-inclusive upskilling experience combines learning, implementation and mentoring.

Kicking off on Thursday 14 September, 2023

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Designed for beginners and experienced ads-folk alike, we’ll show you how to set up, monitor and optimise your campaigns.

You’ll learn how to put together a ripper strategy, and how to get the best results from each and every campaign.

On-demand upskilling

Follow along live, or take your time with 12 months access to the course.

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Spend 2 weeks per topic

A new module will drop each fortnight, with 6 in total.

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Live lessons each fortnight

Live teaching sessions that recap every module in an easy-to-follow way.

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1:1 support

Join our brand new Student Forum and get 12 weeks of Q+A support from our talented Strategists.

Custom worksheets + templates

Submit your [optional!] homework for feedback and guidance.

Learn from experts

Our Paid Ads support crew has years of incredible experience in every industry!

Enrolment now open for Thursday 14 September kickoff

$1500 for the full 12 weeks with payment plans also available [via email]

Social Media Ads Mastery Outline

What does 12 weeks in our program look like?

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12 Weeks of Q+A Support

In our brand new Student Dashboard Forum our Ads Strategists will be on-tap ready to answer your questions. Plus, you’ll have a chance to meet other students – brilliant business owners, marketers and social media folk. [Think = instant friends and learning buddies!]

Module 1: The Foundations of Meta Ads


  • How to translate your business goals into ads objectives
  • How to navigate Business Manager, Business Suite and Ads Manager
  • The different elements you’ll need to set up [Pixels, Events, Custom APIs etc]
  • Who you can target, how you can do it and how to get super clever with your targeting
Module 2: Nailing your creative and copy


  • The type of ad creatives that are killing it in 2023
  • The tools, tips and tricks we use to get gawjuss creatives
  • The best practices around video creatives
  • The simple formulas we use to nail conversions copy
Module 3: Setting up your campaigns


  • TDP’s very own tried and true formula for mapping out up your ads strategies
  • The step-by-step choices you can make when creating your campaigns
  • The tips and tricks that make setup and monitoring around 826x easier
Module 4: Monitoring and optimising


  • How to see what’s working and what’s not
  • How to make changes during a campaign to get even better results
  • What levers to pull if your ads aren’t performing
  • Ways to level-up your ads activity
Module 5: Social media ads beyond Meta

We’ll have a quick squiz at the way ads work across different platforms like Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn. We’ll touch on Google Ads too, but only lightly. 

Module 6: Levelling up + measuring your success

See how to:

  • Level up your ads results using creative and innovative approaches
  • Measure the fruits of your ads-labour! See how to simply but effectively report on your ads activity
Worksheets & templates

We’ve created a host of custom worksheets and editable templates just for attendees of this program.

They are purposely designed to support you hitting your online growth goals, and create the ads strategy you’re currently dreaming of.

Live Lessons

Each module will have a Live Lesson to recap what’s in the Student Dashboard. The Live Sessions will be a 1x hour Zoom call with our experienced Ads Strategists, and there’ll be plenty of time to ask your questions.

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Illustration of TDP Founder, Cherie Clonan.

We’ve trained over 20,000 good humans

For 8 years we’ve been training business owners and marketing professionals how to build long-term sustainable growth for their online presences. And it’s been while teaching that we’ve learned something in return: you just can’t move the needle on an online presence alone.

In the 12 weeks we’ll spend together, our participants will stop feeling gaslit by other programs that promise growth.

We’re here to provide realistic timeframes to be able to learn, to be mentored, to implement what you’re learning and receive feedback from our team of experts.

So, is this program right for me?

If you want to learn how to run effective ads across Facebook and Instagram, in a clear and supportive way? Yes. This is for you!

👏🏻 A brand new Student Dashboard

👏🏼 On-tap support from talented, experienced Ads Strategists

👏🏽 Fortnightly live sessions

👏🏾 Tailored support

👏🏿 Custom worksheets and editable templates

👏🏼 Access to our tried-and-true methods

👏🏽 Regular feedback via our Student Portal

👏🏾 Join a community of learners like you!


Book into our Social Media Ads Mastery Program + you’ll also receive our Intro to Google Ads Masterclass [valued at $300]

Instant access - Intro to Google Ads

It covers:

Getting to know Google Ads

What you’ll need to get up and running

How to choose the right objective

The campaigns you have to work with

Optimising & reporting

Payment Plans Available

To set up a payment plan, please enter your details. We’ll get in touch with an agreement and get you enrolled into the program! 🎉

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FAQ’s [a.k.a all the in-depth info]

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We can absolutely arrange this for you, just shoot us an email to You can pay over 3 or 6 months whatever works for you! 

Who is this for?

This course is best suited to:

  • Online business owners [eCommerce or service-based] who want to manage their ads, understand their ads, or, keep their agencies accountable
  • Marketing professionals craving professional development
  • Freelance marketing professionals looking to add new skills to their service offerings
  • Current students in relevant tertiary qualifications [who are craving to round out their university studies with the ultimate marketing mentoring experience]
  • Anyone looking to learn Meta Ads in a simple, supportive and effective way
Time investment

We would recommend allocating 2-3 hours per week to not only keep up with this course, but genuinely implement what you’re learning [and experience the true joy of seeing the fruits of your labour play out across your ads].

Is it accredited?
Our course is not accredited, not because it lacks value [the opposite, actually] … but because when we’ve explored accredited training, we’ve landed on realising we’ll be forced into the same restrictions as those $5,000-10,000 programs who are “stuck” with generic, outdated content [because it costs them too much to update, and then they have to jump through a million hoops to get the fresh[er] curriculum approved].

No, thanks.

Our programs aren’t accredited, which frees us up to being able to service this program with quarterly curriculum updates [which is what this industry needs – and deserves – given how fast it moves].

After seven years of approaching curriculum development the way in which we have, we’ve now reached a most beautiful point where marketing professionals have said to us, “I just interviewed for xyz role, and I landed the position because they said I’d done my training with The Digital Picnic”.

Yes, friends … that’s the kind of “accreditation” we crave.

Level of experience required

If you’re beginner? You’ll keep up, and you’re going to learn a lot.

At an intermediate level? You’ll keep up, and you’re going to learn a lot.

For those at an advanced level? You’ll keep up, and you’re still going to learn a lot. The best part for those already at an advanced level will undoubtedly be the mentoring. We’ll be ready and waiting for you to ask the kind of questions that take your knowledge base even higher.

If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brains of some of the smartest ads strategists within this industry, this is your course.

In short, this is for anyone [beginner through to advanced], who’s craving learning that not only teaches … but holds you accountable to doing the work.

Do you offer refunds or cancellations?

Cancellations – If you are unable to attend your booked workshop, you are able to receive a credit note for the full amount paid if you give us at least 28 days notice before the date of your booked workshop. All workshop bookings are non-refundable. Credits issued will be valid for 12 months and can be redeemed on any in-person workshop or online training.

Refunds –  Due to the digital nature of our online courses and programs we don’t offer refunds.

More questions?