Social media ads management

The best social media ads teachers?

manage paid ads.

The best social media ads specialists?

regularly teach paid ads.

Our social media ads management prowess starts in our classroom. We're teaching other business owners how to successfully manage their own paid ads every single week, while managing an ever-growing portfolio of retainer clients.

If you ever wanted a paid ads specialist to be able to put their money where their mouths are, get them to teach paid ads to hungry SME’s wanting to learn everything.

The experience of TDP being at the helm of your paid ads management is one of honesty at every touchpoint, integrity, humility and transparency. We speak in words you’ll understand, because we teach this stuff for a living. And we encourage the tough questions because transparency is not something we’re afraid of.


Like every digital marketer, we’re naturally competitive, high-performing, high-achieving, and a little bit perfectionistic. All of that combines into the kind of paid ads results you’ll see us share on Instagram in our #managedbyTDP hashtag. Check it out if you wanna scope us out.

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Our process


Our strategy team will assess your application to make sure we’re the right agency for you and we can meet your expectations and reach your goals.

Exploration call

Once our strategy team have approved your application and we have capacity for a new client, we will contact you via email to book in an exploration call with our team. On this call they will discuss your needs in more detail and guide you on project scope.

Proposal approval

Post-exploration call, you will be sent an official project proposal outlining monthly costs. You can accept this proposal which will begin the onboarding process, and if you’ve changed your mind? you can decline and we will bid you farewell – no hard feelings!



Once you have accepted your project proposal, we will onboard you according to the timeline discussed during your exploration call.

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