Social Media Advertising

For us? Our paid ads prowess starts in the classroom, i.e. we’re teaching other business owners [usually SME’s] how to successfully manage their own paid ads as much as every-single-week [via in-person workshops, or our x10 week long paid ads bootcamp].

The best paid ads teachers? … manage paid ads.

The best paid ads specialists? … regularly teach paid ads.

If you ever wanted a paid ads specialist to be able to put their money where their mouths are? … get them to teach paid ads to hungry SME’s wantin’ to learn everything [and usually in a one-day workshop. Boy, do we break a sweat. But we also *live* for it].

The experience of TDP managing your paid ads for you is one of honesty at every touchpoint, integrity, humility and transparency. We speak in words you’ll understand [because we teach this stuff for a living], and we encourage the tough questions because transparency is not something we’re afraid of.


We’re naturally competitive [isn’t every digital marketer? ha!], high-performing, high-achieving, and a little bit perfeectionistic, and all o’ that combines into the kinda paid ads results you’ll see us share on Instagram in our #managedbyTDP hashtag [check it out if you wanna scope us out].

Wanna reach out to us and see if we’re a good fit?