12 days of

Christmas Deals

save on services, training and online learning

12 days of

Christmas Deals

save on services, training and online learning

Save on our 1 hour coaching calls

[psst … most folks use these for paid ads coaching where you can utilise our team to check/almost set up new paid ads campaigns for you, and even better optimise current campaigns].

These are normally $550, but today? $495.

[please note, due to the fact that this is a service-based offering, we ONLY have x7 spots available … and once they’re gone? They’re gone, i.e we’d have to clone ourselves to create more availability. #lol]

The ultimate social media bundle

This offer is for our freelance marketing pals, who’ll snag;

ALL of our freelance marketing templates [think EVERY kind of template you’d need to kick off a successful freelancing career]

Access to our strategy course [templates won’t always save you, but STRATEGY will!]

Valued at $800 now $300!

20% off paid ads health checks

These are suited to;

Business owners who are running their own paid ads campaigns, but absolutely *know* they could be getting better results [but are unsure how, and need a health check to SPELL IT OUT], or

Business owners who’ve outsourced their paid ads marketing to external partners, and need a completely unbiased, agency-standard health check as a full report to be able to take in to your next meeting and say, “we need to improve in the areas of x, y and z” [you don’t even have to show them the report! ha!]

20% off organic health checks

These are suited to;

Business owners who are just like, “I’m EXHAUSTED, TDP! I’m sick’a’doing all of my own content with no real feedback … tell me where I’m going well, and – more importantly – where I’m leaving opportunities and/or money on the table].

BELIEVE-YOU-ME: we’ll TELL YOU … it doesn’t get more honest than a TDP health check. #lol.

Take 10% off your retainer in your first month with TDP

As in, if you were about to outsource your paid ads marketing to us? … you now just got an additional 10% off your first month with us [more money to scale your paid ads down the track, amirite?!].

Claim this deal by adding “10% OFF PLEASE, TDP!” to your enquiry. Please note this offer ends on the 31st of December, 2023.

40% off ALL TDP's Lunch n' Learn replays

Fancy microdosing some seriously incredible learning over January? This is that opportunity!

Was $680 Now $320

Have a very merry upskill’mas!

We'll never offer this again

Have you seen Cherie on various stages all around Australia this year and thought to yourself, “gee, I’d love her at our next conference, or – even better – running a full strategy day [or half day] with my team?”.

Thanks to our 12 days of Christmas deals take 10% off all corporate training gigs booked [for next year] during December. Claim this deal by adding “10% OFF TRAINING PLEASE, TDP!” to your enquiry.

Any keynote. Any conference. All speaking gigs. Strategy days. Or half days. Offer ends midnight December 31.

50% off our LinkedIn Masterclass

Want to maximise your LinkedIn presence next year?

Was $300 Now $150

Take advantage of being taught by TDP’s very own LinkedIn Top Voice, and hear how she executes on LinkedIn strategy not only for herself … but the multiple LinkedIn strategies we develop TDP-side for a plethora of people, and the array of different industries they hail from.

More support with an extra coaching call

To the folks who’ve been considering a x3 month paid ads partnership with us [it’s the one where – for x3 months – we not only do FOR YOU, but do WITH YOU … so that you walk away from the x3 month partnership with us > capable of running your *own* activity.

This offer is for you.

Thanks to our x12 days of Christmas we’ll throw in an additional coaching call with you [valued at $550] at NO CHARGE. Claim this deal by adding “MORE SUPPORT PLEASE, TDP!” to your enquiry. 

ChatGPT training and prompt bundle

Did you know we’ve now trained over 5,000 people on all things AI/ChatGPT in particular?

That’s a whole lot o’ AI upskilling, and a LOT of business owners/marketing professionals’ everyday lives positively impacted, thanks to what we taught on in relation to ChatGPT

Start with our intermediate workshop. Kick on to our advanced one … and then bring it home with an entire book of the very best ChatGPT prompts!

Was $598 Now $350

A custom session for $1800

As we head into a new year, we BET you’re craving a big ol’ strategy from the best [that’s us] via our x2 hour 1:1 custom sessions.

Our custom sessions are some of our most popular offerings, because we not only lay out a full strategy with you/for you … but we also TEACH throughout the session so that your strategy is less likely to collect dust, and far more likely to be IMPLEMENTED. That’s the *big* goal for us, tbh.

To qualify, your booking must be made in December [for next year]. Please note: we only have x3 spots available for this offer, and once they’re gone? … they’re gone.

Paid ads upskilling bundle 50% OFF

We know what happens EVERY January here in TDP-land.

You ALL flock to our paid ads upskilling, and we applaud you, because instead of twiddling your thumbs in the eComm downtime of January … you’re like, “ok, I’m just going tp upskill … so that my paid ads can DOMINATE this year!”. Service-based folk, also [it ain’t just eComm. #lol].

We’ve got our FULL paid ads replay bundle at a never-to-be-repeated price.

Was $800 Now $400

Boxing Day Bonus

Meta Mastery

advanced strategies for winning paid ads that work in 2024

Join Vic and Sav for Meta Ads Mastery

Boxing Day Bonus

Meta Mastery

advanced strategies for winning paid ads that work in 2024

Join Vic and Sav for Meta Ads Mastery

Paid ads marketing, eh? We’re obviously in a pay-to-play era of advertising our businesses’ online, but … not everyone can afford to outsource, and far too many of you are lacking the expertise to set up your own high-performing paid ads campaigns.

That’s where we come in via x2 three hour virtual masterclasses

Session 1: Tuesday 6th February 2024
From 9:30am – 12:30pm [Melbourne AEDT]

    Session 2: Tuesday 13th February 2024
    From 9:30am – 12:30pm [Melbourne AEDT]

    Learn meta ads

    With Meta’s advertising landscape evolving rapidly, it’s crucial to stay ahead.
    Our 6-hour Paid Ads Masterclass is your key to mastering those Meta ads in 2024.