SMM Services

You’ll only need to follow us on socials to know – effective immediately – that we’re not about the “hard sell”.

“Digital marketing cowboys” we ain’t [and nor do we ever wanna be, either].

And to be perfectly honest with you, we’ve actually never really needed to hard sell.  Reason being?  The majority of our client portfolio is made up of businesses and organisations who’ve – at some point – sat in our social media workshops, and have instantly been magnetised to the way we operate / teach / add value to this industry.

Yes, folks.  You heard it here first.  We’re the kinda “cowboys” who “lure you in” with our integrity, and the [incredibly] humble way in which we approach being your digital marketing partner, i.e expect to send us raving emails saying “I can’t believe how well this paid ads campaign is performing”, and subsequently receive a reply from us that simply says, “well this is what you pay us for, good soul!”.

So with that said, we’re not going to hard sell you here.  We’ll instead encourage you to drop $400’ish dollars to sit in any of our social media workshops to “scope us out” first, or at a bare minimum? Just follow along with us on socials for a while, and you’ll very-much-so feel attracted to the way in which we operate.

Because that my friends, is how we’ve fleshed out a client portfolio filled with only-the-good-ones [whom we humbly achieve incredible results for, on the reg]. 

Our specialty areas include:

👏🏻 Social Media Management
👏🏼 Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)
👏🏽 Content Strategy/Development
👏🏾 Content creation
👏🏿 Digital marketing training

Wanna reach out to us and see if we’re a good fit?