Your social media all taken care of

Social Media Management

So you’ve come here to outsource your social media management to The Digital Picnic? … we’re about to break your heart[s] and tell you that, uh, we no longer manage organic content for businesses, and the reason why is a most integrity-laden one;

We humbly believe the landscape has changed so much in recent times that outsourcing your organic socials externally is the equivalent of outsourcing your magic.


We said it.

… and not many agencies’ll tell you the same, but that’s because they’d rather take the monthly retainer and worry about the “loss of magic” later.

So what can you do now? We recommend keeping your organic socials in-house [even if it means spending the equivalent of what you’d have paid to outsource on an in-house full-time Marketing Coordinator], and outsourcing your paid advertising activity/ies to a specialist external partner [hi 👋 that’s US! You can find out more about our social media advertising services here, and our Google advertising services here].

If you’re not down for bringing in an in-house Marketing Coordinator in-house [we understand, completely], then we’d recommend fortnightly-monthly hourly consulting with us here.

Don’t outsource your magic, yea? Organic socials require in-house stuff in 2023 and beyond.  Think video-first strategies, and celebrating your small business small’ness online … and you don’t need an agency to do that for you.