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… what if we told you that you could spend 7 days with us to supercharge your content for just $50.

I don’t even need to see another scrap o’ this landing page, TDP!

Kicking off Monday June 24th 2024

Image of TDP CEO Cherie Clonan sitting on a stool.

… what if we told you that you could spend 7 days with us to supercharge your content for just $50.

I don’t even need to see another scrap o’ this landing page, TDP!

Kicking off Monday June 24th 2024

Image of TDP CEO Cherie Clonan sitting on a stool.

You know you’ve got better content in you, you just don’t know how.

And you sprint at it all, and it even picks up a bit, but then you run outta steam [we understand, btw] … and it all just starts to flop again leaving you feeling so bluddy uninspired.

You know organic content is the “mitochondria” of every solid paid ads strategy … but your organic content is feelin’ a little more “apoptosis” [dead cell, for those who didn’t study year 10 biology. #lol] than “mitochondria” [powerhouse].

The reality is this: your content doesn’t suck … you just need better content-related systems and processes, as well as a really incredible framework to work to [that’s been proven to work across an array of different industries, and not just ONE industry that a “guru-slash-expert” is in themselves > so has decided to teach content because they’ve nailed one niche. #lol].

Actually? You just kinda need people who can explain complex content marketing approaches in ways that you’ll understand … and with 25,000+ students having gone through our virtual teaching setting[s], we just-so-happen to think we’re the teachers we’re referring to here that you’ll wanna turn to.

Content marketing is a bit of a beast that you deserve to tame [and you’re just so capable, btw].

If you follow the wrong folks online, we can guarantee you’d be tricked into thinking that a successful content strategy is just following the trends, and subsequently spending the majority of your online presence pivoting accordingly.

We don’t teach like that: we’re less about the “hack, and more about laying the all-important, almost evergreen foundations that never change no matter what new trends-based thing pops up.

The way we teach, and the stuff you’ll learn within this 7 Day Challenge? You’ll look at the “experts and gurus” differently forevermore, and you’ll even call BS on the stuff they spruik.

You’ll see it.
You’ll know.
And you’ll know better.
Because we taught you better than the trends-based marketing BS.

What if we told you that the stuff we can teach you in this challenge will never change, and so your confidence in your content strategy has that associated empowered feeling to be able to move with every “hack” and “gimmick” forevermore?

Come and spend a week with us while we reinvigorate a tired strategy, or further amplify a non-fatigued strategy that’s craving that extra … oomph via methodologies we’ve taught for years that aren’t just agency-standard, but are the kind of approaches that’ll help you push through ceilings.

In x7 days you’ll…


Get clear on your objectives

And even clearer on who you’re subsequently speaking to online

You’ll learn how to work smarter, and not harder, when it comes to organic content

We’ll show you how to optimise each of your platforms for success

And then we’ll get you to stop with the comparison’itis BS, and instead have you competing against yourself online [big changes happen when you stop looking at others, and start competing against yourself]

And finally? We’ll teach you something really cool that leverages TikTok’s incredible algorithm > but instead uses that to supercharge your Instagram account [where the conversions are at].

Join our challenge below and take that sometimes-bluddy-necessary step to reduce the content overwhelm, and be challenged by one of the best content marketing minds in the business.

Kicking off Monday 24th June 2024.

Prior to my TDP workshop, my reels averaged 5-20k views.  After the workshop, I’m averaging 40-50k with one 3.4mil and a few 200k pluses

– Blackbird and Violet

Could listen to Cherie talk for days! She is very clear and easy to understand.

Her content and examples are the perfect bite-sized info with lots to think about and do. She really has nailed her workshops and I feel so much more confident on Instagram having done it. BRB while I boujee up my insta page!

Thanks Cherie!

five stars

If we were you, we’d wanna know what you’ll get for your fiddy bucks!

Inside TDP’s 7 Day Content Marketing Challenge

Anything we create, right down to our $50 challenges, is never transactional … and is instead entirely transformational [yes, even our $50 challenges. Heck, even our free webinars, tbh].

It’s entirely practical, and immediately implementable, and we like to think that it’s filled with things you can do immediately … and that’ll immediately move the needle on your online presence.

We’ll help you reinvigorate what might be a tired’ish content strategy [don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s June after all … and this fin. year has hit different, hasn’t it?!], and we’ll even humbly suggest that whilst you’re coming for the uplift in your content strategy? You’ll be surprised and delighted about the way that’ll also positively impact your paid ads results [if you have paid ads running, of course].

The TL;DR? You’ll learn our frameworks for consistent, and consistently good content going live across multiple social media platforms.

For those that
don’t know me?
I’m Cherie.

Cherie Clonan CEO of The Digital Picnic. Content Marketing expert

I’ve worked in marketing & comms. for x15+ years now, starting my career in copywriting and working for x2 of Australia’s largest online publications [the kinda online publications where it’s normal to spend a big chunk of your lunch break crying in the office bathrooms. #lol.  Jokes aside, for all the trauma? … it turned me into an absolute heck of a copywriter, and for that I’m grateful].

From copywriting to strategy, to ultimately going on to start The Digital Picnic, Australia’s most followed digital marketing agency … because I promised myself from day one that I’d treat our own social media presence the same way I would any of our clients.

I get content.
I see life in content.
My brain has always done this, tbh.
Cos’ Autism [lol].

I’ve been teaching strategy for 10+ years, and I’m an excellent teacher for x2 big reasons: the first being that I love people, and have an Autistic special interest in people.  If you wanna teach, and teach well, you have to love people … and I don’t just love people, but I’m like a GD “human labrador” [lol].  The second being that my brain is able to turn even the most complex into really great [and easy to understand] frameworks and formulas.  It’s my low-key superpower, tbh.  It’s reached the point for me now where I confidently [but still incredibly humbly] just know anyone I teach is going to have so many “aha!” moments because I teach this stuff really well.

I’ve taken teeny brands from working out of their garages to some of the most iconic online presences, and I do this because I have bluddy-good-methods to do this in my little “tradie tool belt” that I don’t hold onto.  I gift those methods to anyone that I teach, because I want us all to win.

This challenge is for you if …

You’re an eComm or service-based business owner looking for an upskill-slash-reinvigoration to your online presence

You’re a marketing & comms professional with a penchant for lifelong learning, and you realise you’re in an industry where lifelong learning is kinda the key to your ongoing career success

You’re curious about how content specialists [specifically me, Cherie Clonan] approaches content online, and how we clock the kinda visibility that we do not only for ourselves … but for our clients, also [there’s no secrets, tbh.  You’ve just gotta do the challenge. #lol]

You’re building out your online presence for the first time, and you know that you’ve gotta build it well in order for them to come

You’ve got an established following, but you feel like people just aren’t seeing your content any more [it’s not the algorithm.  It’s you.  I’m sorry, but you’re paying me to be really honest, right?]

You’re sick of spending a chunk of time on content that flops, and you’re down for our “smarter, not harder” approaches to content

You’ve got nothing to lose [I mean, fifty bucks friends?! Cancel x1 UberEats meal in … and I’m going to take you so much further than that Uber’d pumpkin risotto will. #lol]

This challenge is NOT for you if…

You’ll show up to the challenge, take in the video lessons, implement nothing, and then suggest that it wasn’t valuable [s’ok, I’ve admittedly done this to 1-2 personal trainers in the past. #lol]

You’re looking for an elixir to fix your online presence without, uh, putting in the work

You’re not resourced to post content at all [this is the kinda challenge that suits folks who’ve got roughly 2’ish hours per week that they can dedicate to content]

You’ll leave the challenge still convinced the “algorithm is out to get you” [it isn’t, I’mma prove that to you within the first few days. #lol]

Ok TDP, I’m BLUDDY READY for an online presence I can feel proud of

Kicking off Monday 24th June 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this training be delivered?

You’ll receive an email a day for 7 days with challenge instructions and a corresponding video in your student dashboard on our courses site.

Please make sure your email address is correct and the one you want to receive our emails to.

Add to your main inbox, so your information doesn’t get lost in the promotions tab.

Will I have access to the materials after 7 days?

Yes, like all our trainings, you’ll have access to the videos and materials for 12-months, to keep you accountable for showing up while it’s still current and industry relevant. 😉

[A lifetime upgrade on your access agreement can be purchased through your dashboard for an additional $50, if you find the information invaluable and want to keep it past our initial agreement, entirely up to you.]

What is the student dashboard and how do I access it?

If you’re new here, welcome! Or if you’re an OG who hasn’t been by for a while, we have a “courses site” which can be accessed by the “student login” button at the top of our site.

When you purchase with us for the first time our checkout will prompt you to create a password, this becomes the password you use to access the student dashboard too.

Please make sure that the email address you use at time of checkout is for the course attendee, as this becomes the registered address for the student account. Plus you don’t want the relevant course details going to the wrong person in your business [accounts people we’re looking at you, course attendee please!].

Please note: We cannot transfer your course over to another address this is mentioned in the T&Cs at checkout! I mean, we’d want to help, but our system doesn’t allow. 

Is there a "group" for this challenge?

There won’t be an official group or additional coaching on this challenge, but we’re opening up our community Facebook group “TDP Grads” for challenge discussions and as ALWAYS, a TDP team member will be available to answer any questions you have, just make sure you add them to the “Ask a TDP’er posts” so we can easily find your question amongst the regular group chatter. 

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When you sign up to this challenge it will be added to a dashboard on our student site, where you’ll be able to watch it again and again for 12-months

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Course Certificate

On completion of this masterclass, you’ll be able to download your course certificate inside your student dashboard. With easy online sharing of an authorised credential on LinkedIn. 

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