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Cherie Clonan CEO of The Digital Picnic. Content Marketing expert

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Introducing Cherie

Ever seen the movie ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, with the teacher who says “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?” in the most monotonous voice? … it’s no wonder Ferris felt he had no choice but to skip school for the day!

Cherie is neither that teacher, nor is she that keynote speaker.

Renowned for her ability to engage an audience [no matter the size], and be able to inject just the right amount of everything you’d expect from an engaging speaker; credibility, relatability, memorability, endearment, and all finished off with an uncanny ability to “read the room”

[seriously any room] in only the way an empath knows how to do … Cherie will be that speaker you want to bring back to speak on the range of topics she can speak on, for the feedback you’ll receive alone.

A 10+ year career in digital marketing, Founding Creative Director of Australia’s leading social media training agency [The Digital Picnic], and rapidly becoming well known for her progressive 2020 [and beyond] approach to leading her team in her passionately human-centric way … Cherie is the kind of well-rounded keynote speaker who’ll not just lend intellect to the designated topic, but credibility too via her thought leadership prowess.

A drawcard at any event she puts her name to, you can rest assured she’s the keynote speaker you want at your next event.

Keynote presentations

Topics Cherie presents on the daily, include:

  • Humanising your brand online
  • How to write more engaging social media captions
  • Best practice social media across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Improving your content marketing impact
  • How to succeed on social, without being 24/7 stuck to your phone
  • Developing video marketing confidence for the non-video confident
  • Instagram deep-dive
  • Facebook deep-dive
  • LinkedIn deep-dive [for your personal brand, or company page]

Bespoke presentations able to be created upon request

Starting from $2,000 [plus GST] for a 45min speaking engagement.

Our diversity promise

It’s always an honour for us to be considered for the speaking engagement that you’re considering us for, so the only thing that we ask in return? … we’re only able to lend our expertise to events that have a better representation of underrepresented groups, because we believe that the conferences and events that we say “yes!” to are essentially what we ultimately want to see play out in our industry [i.e more representation for the underrepresented, please].

And so in saying all of this, we know now that we have the power to swing that conference or event one way or another, and we will always choose: “another”, i.e don’t be that event organiser who holds that event the *one* way it’s always been run … do it the other way.

The way that feels diverse, and inclusive, and progressive, and where underrepresented groups see themselves on stage, and are subsequently more likely to nominate themselves for those same opportunities … because that opportunity feels accessible to them now.

Peace hands

What can Cherie
bring to your event?

  • The female representation your speaking event craves, from an organisational leader renowned for her leadership capabilities.
  • Neurodiversity representation via her identifying [very proudly] as autistic.
  • Or, alternatively? … she is happily able to refer you to more diverse speakers if reading all o’ this has inspired you to create a considerably more diverse event [we have entire excel spreadsheets filled with clever human beings from underrepresented groups, who are able to speak on a range of topics].

Sound like you?

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