Social media marketing plans and strategies

You can access the brains behind the social media strategies that consistently deliver big results for our clients, for a full 2 hours in a 1:1 setting.

Better than that, you’ll get a completely mapped out plan that’ll keep you going for the next 12 months.

So, what goes into a TDP 1:1 strategy session? Well, a lot actually!

First up we’ll get to know all about you and your business. We’ll ask what you want to achieve, your current challenges, plus your hopes and dreams for your not-so-distant social media future.

We take everything you tell us before your session via a handy questionnaire and use it to start mapping everything out. And by the time your session rolls around, you get the absolute most out of the 2 hours we spend together.

It’s you plus us spending 2 hours diving deep [like, bottom of the Mariana Trench deep] into your social media marketing plan and strategy.

The full details

✌🏼 2-hour sessions are held via zoom with us taking you through the report we prepared earlier and answering all of your juicy questions along the way

✌🏾 You will need to fill out the pre-session questionnaire AT LEAST 14 days prior to your session for it to go ahead, so we can prepare your strategy

✌🏾 We dive deep for 2 hours and you learn plus get all your questions answered. Post-session you’ll receive the full report and a recording of the session for you to go over at any time

✌🏿 We reserve the right to reschedule any session [because, #lifehappens] and will give you as much notice as possible.

Book your social media strategy session

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