TDP is going on TOUR!

Cherie will be presenting our best selling Get Social Savvy and Advanced Get Social Savvy workshops across a weekend of inspired learning in Melbourne.

TDP is going on TOUR!

Cherie will be presenting our best selling Get Social Savvy and Advanced Get Social Savvy workshops across a weekend in Melbourne.

Remember when we [inhale] seriously scaled our business, and invited a team of digital marketing specialists to our #TDPfambam to help us present more workshops in Melbourne?

That was a good decision, and man-oh-man, … it was so warmly received [!!!].
Then we got some beautiful e-mails from our diehard TDP’ers saying sweet little sumpin’-sumpin’s along the lines of, “but we’ll miss you guys too!”, … which leads us to the next beautiful chapter of TDP, you lot!

TDP are touring the country, and we’ll be bringing our most popular workshops to these exceptional [and picked strategically, for their almost-guaranteed-sun component] states, but with added TDP goodness.

Think must-do workshops, like our Content Planning Intensive [it’s the workshop you need to do, before you move onto anything else!], followed by our Advanced Get Social Savvy workshop [ok #nerdburgers, … by day 2? You’ll be ready to go deep with this bad boy!], but with breakaway sessions where you’ll receive customised marketing insights tailored to your business by Cherie [an award-winning digital marketer], and her impeccable crew of digital marketing specialists.

Think in-depth learning.  Think x2 days of networking with like-minded kin [because errybody knows we attract the good’uns!].  Think good food. Think post-workshop dinner and drinks, with Cherie + a panelist chat with hand-selected business owners feat. heartfelt chats, and strategic chats, and a ‘latest digital marketing trends’ chat with an informal-feel panelist discussion.

What? … you didn’t think we were never going to workshop again, did you?

+ Workshops are our crack.

+ Workshops get us so high.

+ Workshops reinvigorate us.

+ Workshops introduce us to the best eggs.

+ Workshops are in our blood.

+ Workshops are our very-very fave.

And so, … we’re touring [and it has nothing to do with wanting to fly interstate to get a decent sleep in a hotel, away from our little people, … nuttin’].


Saturday 13th + Sunday 14th July 2019, Creative Cubes, Richmond

Payment Plan Available

P.S – we’ve now introduced a payment plan option to help with cash flow, because we get it. Just check out as normal, and instead of paying on card via Stripe, select the payment plan option through, and pay $299 up front, with the rest payable in instalments!

What we’ll be covering!

Day 1: Content Planning Intensive

  • Content marketing fundamentals? Locked down.
  • Then? We’ll map out your individual social media goals.
  • After that? It’s time to define your brand personality.
  • And then? We’ll walk you through conversational copy, versus conversion copy.
  • Also? We’ll need a little time spent on content creation, versus content curation.
  • And then? We’ll talk about harnessing the power of user generated content [and what that looks like for you, and your business].
  • We’ll walk you through all o’ our favourite content creation tools / content hacks.
  • And then [and only then], we’ll be ready to map out content pillars unique to your business.
  • From there? We’ll turn those into a content calendar [this is where you walk out knowing exactly what to post, when, why, and how, and it’s empowering stuff, that].
  • And so at that point? We’ll start scheduling content in, 2-4 weeks in advance [because who doesn’t love walking out of a workshop with something tangible?].
  • For some of you, the big focus there will be your IG feed and its look / aesthetic, and for others? It’ll be a solid month of FB activity … locked down].
    And then?  a cocktail party, and an intimate chat with a panelist crew [hand-selected by TDP, because we admire them for their business prowess, and feel they’ll have solid insights to pass on], including nibbles and drinks, because #draaaaaanks.

Day 2: Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook Ad Strategy – Designing a smart Ads strategy for your business vs just boosting posts for reach
  • Essential elements of FB ads that convert
  • Custom Audiences and how to target your ideal customers
  • Installing the magic Facebook pixel on your website
  • Publishing tools – FB power editor vs Ads Manager vs Business Manager
  • Split testing and why you should be doing it!
  • Reporting on the performance of your FB ads + how to monitor and optimise your FB ads to achieve greater results
  • Google Analytics
  • Identify Which Platform Drives the Most Traffic
  • How to Set Up Conversion Goals
  • Understanding conversions and how to view how many conversions social media has assisted with
  • Find Out How Visitors From Social Media Consume Your Content
  • See How Social Media Impacts the Conversion Path
  • How to understand your social users flow through your website
  • Video Marketing
  • The rise of video and how to leverage its power via Facebook and Instagram
  • How to incorporate video into your digital strategy
  • Latest video features and functionality available to brands and businesses
  • Recommended tools and services for in-house / DIY video


    Cocktail event

    Held on Saturday night, this will be an informal networking event over drinks and canapés.

    Breakaway Sessions

    Breakaway sessions where you’ll receive customised strategic advice and time to workshop challenges.

    Private Facebook Group

    All workshop attendees will be granted lifetime access to our private Facebook community, a space to interact, ask questions and share your social media wins!
    • Influencer Shortlist + Email Scripting

      Influencer Shortlist + Email Scripting

      $249.00 incl. GST
    • Weekly content outline

      Weekly content outline

      $299.00 incl. GST
    • Facebook Ads Intermediate Online

      Facebook Ads Intermediate Online

      $249.00 incl. GST
    • Social Media Health Check

      Social Media Health Check

      $349.00 incl. GST
    • Instagram Intensive Online

      Instagram Intensive Online

      $299.00 incl. GST
    • Instagram Stories Calendar

      Instagram Stories Calendar

      $39.00 incl. GST
    • Business Manager Setup Tutorial

      Business Manager Setup Tutorial

      $129.00 incl. GST
    • Content Population Template

      Content Population Template

      $39.00 incl. GST
    • Reporting Template

      Reporting Template

      $39.00 incl. GST
    • Pinterest Online Masterclass

      Pinterest Online Masterclass

      $49.00 incl. GST
    • So you want to be a Social Media Manager?

      So you want to be a Social Media Manager?

      $24.95 incl. GST
    • Content calendar

      Content calendar

      $39.00 incl. GST

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