Image of Dani Prince, PA to the CEO of The Digital Picnic.

Dani Prince

Personal Assistant

Meet Dani, the operational heartbeat of TDP and personal assistant extraordinaire to our CEO, Cherie. With the finesse of a seasoned orchestrator, she’s not just an assistant; she’s the office Mum—minus the “I told you so”s [although we’re pretty sure she thinks it often]. Her mastery over systems and processes makes her the undisputed champion of dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’, ensuring the seamless flow of our daily operations.

Dani operates at a speed that light particles find enviable, always astonishingly 5-10 steps ahead of our CEO [an already FAST OPERATOR, lol], making the rest of us wonder if she has mastered the art of time travel. Her reliability is the stuff of legend; if TDP was a superhero team, she’d be the one saving the day while the rest of us were still putting on our capes.

Despite being the youngest member of our team, Dani displays a wisdom and maturity that belies her years. And in a delightful twist of irony, she stands as the sole guardian of our team’s productivity [mostly because she’s the only one on our team who hasn’t ever used TikTok, hence saving 500+ hours per week].

In a world full of noise, she moves silently, her achievements speaking volumes. Dani is the quiet force propelling TDP forward, proving every day that the mightiest powers come in the most unassuming [5’2”. lol!] packages.