Jessie Zevaka, The Digital Picnic.

Jessie Zevaka

Marketing Coordinator

At the heart of TDP’s dynamic growth and the personal touch in every customer interaction stands Jessie, our Marketing Coordinator extraordinaire. With a blend of brilliance and boundless energy, she has redefined what it means to drive online impact, transforming our digital presence and customer engagement in ways we never thought possible.

From the outset, Jessie brought with her not just the ambition to excel but a vision to revolutionise. She once humorously claimed she’d like to “automate herself out of a job.” True to her word, she harnessed automation to elevate her role far beyond its original scope, freeing her to focus on the bigger picture and make even more significant strides in our business. Today, she’s not just part of our team; she’s a force propelling us forward, constantly moving the needle with her strategic insights and innovative approaches.

Her intelligence is matched only by her compassion—a trait deeply rooted in her experience as a small business owner.

Jessie seamlessly balances her role as the driving force behind our online impact with being the warm and welcoming voice behind our customer service. This dual capacity has not only enhanced our brand’s reputation but has also deepened the trust and loyalty of our clients. Her ability to see the big picture without losing sight of the individual stories of our customers is nothing short of remarkable.