Jin Goh, Head of Strategy and Growth (maternity cover) at The Digital Picnic.

Jin Goh

Head of Strategy & Growth (Maternity Leave Cover)

I’m a career generalist, and aspire to be as much of a modern Renaissance Man as is financially feasible. I’ve been in a large range of leadership and operations management roles in various industries, where I have found myself, to my surprise, a specialist in generalisation, where I quickly develop a broad but sufficiently deep understanding of any and every field of knowledge that I come across.

Alongside various roles supporting organisations in F&B and other professional services, I head up Strategy and Growth at TDP, with the enviable task of preparing the business and team for a leapfrog in growth and opportunity.

Besides my mainstay contributions in team leadership and corporate strategy, I have a keen interest in the development of individual team members, with the goal of empowering and inspiring colleagues to be their best selves at work, as individual contributors as well as part of the team.

I take what I do pretty seriously; myself less so. If you have a puzzle to solve, a business to “strategy”, or joke to tell, I’m your man.