Image of Paid Media Specialist, Kath Kiddell - The Digital Picnic.

Kath Kiddell

Paid Media Specialist

Kath is a deeply passionate Paid Ads Specialist who truly believes that the devil is in the details [and, well, the data].

Having cut her digital marketing teeth in agencies, Kath has a wealth of experience across a variety of industries and business sizes, however it’s the Google Ad Grant clients who will always hold a special spot in her heart.

… that’s not to say she doesn’t know her way around Meta, LinkedIn, and Pinterest too.

As a self-proclaimed lover of GA4, Kath is also someone who is deeply passionate about transparency in her results but also taking a holistic approach to how we view those paid results – as they don’t exist in a paid ads vacuum.

She’s also super into sharing the knowledge, so if you don’t know something, just ask 😉