Image of Michelle Hauw, Finance Manager at The Digital Picnic.

Michelle Hauw

Finance Manager

In the heart of TDP, amidst the buzz of creative campaigns and the whirlwind of digital trends, stands a figure renowned not just for her financial acumen but for her unmatched wit and dedication to the company’s prosperity. Michelle, our esteemed Finance Manager, has been the cornerstone of our financial strategy and success for over five years. But if you ask around, you’ll quickly learn she’s so much more than that; she’s the heart and soul of our workplace, the mastermind of our financial well-being, and, quite possibly, the most hilarious “penny-pincher” you’ll ever meet.

But don’t let her cost-cutting prowess fool you; Michelle’s approach to finance is as strategic as it is scrupulous. Michelle has 14 years of working experience within accounting & finance, orignially working in Singapore across various industry such as private equity, oil & gas and manufacturing. She forecasts our financial future with the precision of a seasoned soothsayer, ensuring that we’re not just prepared for what’s ahead but that we’re always a step ahead. Under her financial stewardship, we’ve not only achieved but exceeded our financial goals, year after year.

Here’s to Michelle, the real MVP of TDP. Her blend of professionalism, warmth, and wit doesn’t just drive our financial success—it makes our journey worthwhile.