Bobby Green

Social Media Strategist

Meet Bobby, our Social Media Strategist, and TDP’s guaranteed daily larfs.

What an ASSET.

In every sense of the word, actually. She’s so effing smart. She’s so effing funny. She’s so effing good for our workplace culture [an integral part of it, actually]. She’s so effing loyal. She’s so effing hardworking. She’s so effing perfectly TDP.

She’s our workplace LOLs.

She’s our workplace quotables.

She’s our animated GIFs on FB.

She’s our neurodiversity awareness.

And so subsequently, the advocacy too.

We couldn’t be without her, and nor would we want to. We live for the “this copy is legitimately BANG ON!” emails we get from clients after she’s populated their content and filled it with her nek-level copy. Or the gushing emails from 1:1 FB Ads custom sessions she’s run, or FB Ads workshops she’s delivered … and then she’ll just casually knocks.those.ROAS’ outta the park for our performance marketing portfolio.

Dunno how we got so lucky, really. #ohHELLOteamTDP