Cassie Barlow

Community Manager

A better human being perfectly suited to community management? … you likely won’t meet.

Our Community Manager, Cassie lives / breathes and [sometimes] sleeps community management, and when we announced her as TDP’s full-time Community Manager? … it was our community who cheered the very loudest [if that doesn’t speak volumes about this good human’s ability to lovebomb and nurture a community … then we don’t know what will!].

Cassie is loved [read: worshipped] by our online community, our [entire] team [i.e everyone’s community management go-to gurl], our clients [whose online communities Cassie has in the palm of her hand.  Well … ios device, if we’re being specific], and spends entire weeks collecting eleventy billion hilarious memes to share in TDP’s “what do you meme?” weekly “best of” meme thread, ha!

We weren’t lyin’ when we said this … the kid was made for community management.

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