Cat Howell

Managing Director

Meet our MD, Cat.

Everyone’s right hand woman here at TDP HQs. The kinda MD that MD dreams are *made* of.

The finisher of our Creative Director’s sentences. The same brain’ing. The thinking x3,000 steps ahead of our CD’s chaotic, creative mind. The systems and processes, to her [lack of] systems and processes. The patience of a saint when it comes to watching her navigate excel spreadsheets [“Cat? Could you duplicate this column for me. #kthxbai”]. The one who doesn’t bat an eyelid when our Founding CD dips into Cherie-Clonan-levels-of-dark-humour, and instead? … matches it with an even darker response, and they then just about fall off their chairs [from wheeze-laughing alone].

On the DISC scale, she sits firmly in the ‘S’ zone, and this is true of everything we see in her as our leader: she’s kind. She’s loyal. She’s got the work ethic of a machine-slash-robot [so much so, that you have to say, “go home, Cat”]. Apart from her ability to bash out a spreadsheet to solve any problem, we rate her empathy for her team as one of her best qualities as our MD. A natural leader, and one who very-much-so leads by example, and commands respect through her lead-by-example approach to Senior Management.

She’s the best human, and we’re the luckiest to be led by her. #ohHELLOteamTDP