Founder and CEO

I’m an award winning digital marketer who took a risk, and left the cushiness of a well-paid, super safe in-house digital marketing role to launch The Digital Picnic in October, 2014.

This – of course – gave my husband a coronary attack [he manages risk for a living, so #barreloflarfs, really], because #newmortgage, #toddler, and … a #baby. But … it’s the best risk I’ve ever taken, because I own an incredible company now, which has an incredible reputation, and – of course – incredible people working within it [because a company is nothing without the people working within it].

Whilst profit’s cool and everything [and my company is profitable], I’d say one of my bigger success measures revolves around disrupting this industry, i.e I want to squash the 7-day-per-week 9pm+ finishes that are the norm. in agency-land, and replace it with a #bemoreFrance approach, i.e no after 5pm emails / x1 mental health day per month / 5.30pm home time, because #lyf, but also … still.definitely.profitable.

[and happier people. Like, much happier. So … winning].

So work-wise? What do I do? Well, mostly? … I’m responsible for ensuring that we’re continuously providing state-of-the-art digital marketing training to businesses all over Australia / internal marketing teams, whilst also overseeing the ongoing social media management my team delivers for an incredible line-up of clients within our digital marketing portfolio.

When I’m not doing that? You’ll find me putting out fights within my team over what temperature is acceptable for an office heater to go up to in a Winter’y Melbourne digital marketing office, because #peoplemanagement.

[FYI? 27 degrees is *not* acceptable] 😉

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