Eloiza Francisco

Social Media Coordinator

Meet Eloiza [affectionately – and basically always – referred to as Lizey], our Social Media Coordinator.

Lizey is an organisational nerd, and an efficiency powerhouse, so her social media coordination game is *strong*, but it’s all things CONTENT that have this little legend’s eyes-a-sparklin’ / heart-a-thumpin’, and oh my wordy … do we reap the rewards from that [very obvious] passion.

She’s the [much needed, and much rejoiced] workplace extrovert, who is always with phone in hand trying to capture content of the team for our IG stories, and muttering “help me, help YOU!” when trying to extract content from the [painfully] more shy members of #teamTDP, ha!

Thanks for your patience. And your service. And your incredible content’y prowess, lovely human.

TDP is a better workplace with you in it.

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