Katie Aquilina

Studio Manager

Meet Katie, our beloved Studio Manager / babysitter to some [mostly our Founder, Cherie] / streamliner of studio chaos.

If you ever wanted to know whether or not you should hire someone as your Studio Manager? … just ask to look at their phone in their job interview, and you’ll realise someone like Katie has all of her apps COLOUR-FECKIN’-COORDINATED.

Yep. Just digest that for a moment.

We’ll never forget when our beloved Studio Manager [Katie] set foot in TDP HQs [we always kick off with a x16 personalities personality assessment, and hers is INTP, or otherwise known as: the Logician]. The INTP’ers enjoy riddles, and patterns, and complex problems [and being the solver of those problems], and they’re almost always available as impromptu consultants [this is all true of Katie, and our team seriously benefits. Immensely]. They make up only 3% of the population, and if that’s true? … how lucky we are that Katie applied for the role of Studio Manager here at TDP.

We run better with this powerhouse running us, and we’re all far more organised just for having this wingwoman [to all] within our HQs. #merciKatie #basicallyChuckNorris