Michelle Nick

Head of Social

Meet Michelle, our Head of Social, and a most passionate advocate for our beloved industry [and all that it entails] … so basically? … everything you’d want in a person to head up your social department, really.

When she began with us as social media strategist in 2018 … she first landed in her TDP chair [not thoroughly ergonomic either, btw. #sozMichie] and kicked off a “paid ads department” of x4 [non-recurring] paid ads clients, and just under x2 years later? She’s turned that itty bitty portfolio into a fully fledged paid ads department [40+ clients] / achieving the kinda results clients literally *dream* of achieving upon outsourcing to an agency / all whilst ensuring it’s some of the most profitable work that we run.

So for those who aren’t entirely mathematical? … she’s achieved a 1,000% growth rate for us.

It’s not about numbers, though.  She’s some of our most important workplace values … all packaged up into our very own The-Little-Mermaid-Ariel lookalike.  She’s courage, and integrity, and commitment, and collaboration, and accountability.  She’s everyone’s go-to.  She’s on the receiving end of every gushing email we receive from our clients [“we love you, Michelle!”].  She’s our team’s “safe place” when they want to sense-check, ask questions, be mentored, give feedback / receive feedback.

Also? … our Founder’s kids know she’s *also* the “safe place” to visit for guaranteed Wizz Fizz offerings, as she keeps a stack o’ Wizz Fizz’s in her office drawers on the off chance they might come charging in to her office when visiting Mum at work, ha!

From little things … big things grow, and it’s this powerhouse’s passion, intellect, commitment and leadership that continues to steer our social media managing TDP ship in the right direction.

It’s a better place since you came along, Michelle. 🧜🏻‍♀️