Poppy Owen

Content Specialist

One of TDP’s company values is ‘integrity’ and what you’re looking at right here? … the human embodiment of that company value.

Our Content Specialist, Poppy? An all-walking, all-talking, all-content specialisin’, dictionary definition of integrity [in human form] … *aaaaaand* she also happens to be really [like, SRSLY!] talented at content creation / production / editing.

Lucky, really … because integrity is a pretty important company value at TDP HQs [it’s why when you ask us on a paid ads sales call “how much can you guarantee I’ll achieve as an ROI if I outsource my paid ads to you?” we’ll always respond with, “there are no guarantees in paid ads, nor business ownership in general if we’re being honest” [which we are, because aforementioned integrity].

The value this human being adds to content, and our client’s content experience [and the sheer *possibilities* of how they market their content to their audiences] is second-to-none, and when we think back to her application [and the *incredible* video she put together for her “application video”] … we basically knew from the get-go, “it was always you”. The interview was just a professional formality, really. #youhadusattheAPPLICATIONVIDEO

To continue to find humans like Poppy who live into integrity on the daily, and who *want* to work with us? Pinch me. Is this even real?!