Rachel Rosser

Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet Rach, our Digital Marketing Specialist, and the person who – when she said “I accept” to our job offer – all of TDP HQs *screamed*. [you know when you just know you’ve found “the one” in a job interview, but then you’re terrified they’ll say “no, thanks” when you get to job offer stage? Ha!].

 She didn’t, though.  She said “yes!” … and she’s been an instant-asset ever since [right down to the way she says “good morning, team!” followed by a random [like, seriously random] fact about animals [Giraffes.  Dolphins.  Penguins.  She doesn’t discriminate, and knows everything about basically-ever-animal, actually].

 Rach is addicted to ideas and is obsessive about measurable results.  She loves to find creative ways to meet customers’ needs with a quantitative, profitable outcome.

 With 7 years working in marketing and content for Australian and International brands, she has extensive experience in content that drives conversions. She can help you plan your strategy, build your campaign, identify your target audience, optimise your tactics, report on amazing results and put your objectives first!

 But the best bit? … she’ll do all o’ that to incredible results and when you tell her how amazing she is, she’s all [humbly] like, “just doing my job”.

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