Savannah Young

Social Media Strategist

Meet Sav [affectionately known as Savvy, or Savvington … depending on the day, and the person calling her name, ha!], our Social Media Strategist, and someone who: applied for the role as soon as she saw it / pulled off an interview remotely with us whilst trekking through Europe / got the interview time wrong [she was early by x1 hour], so waited from 4am onwards for her interview / submitted her job interview “homework” whilst on a train through Norway, and subsequently had to use her phone to pull the homework together as her lappy wasn’t picking up wifi … and still got the job.

Like, *easily*. #twasalwaysYOURSSavvington

Sav is our workplace “accidental copywriter”, content population extraordinaire, paid ads whisperer, custom session whisperer, work wife to basically *all*, and just the most incredible asset.

Thank God you’re here, really. #plsdontleave ha!

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