Tess Vuurman

Senior Social Media Strategist

You’ll struggle to find another Senior Strategist who nurtures client relationships the way this one does.

It’s a joy to observe. To behold. To be able to turn into solid mentoring for more junior members within our team. To experience [both as an employer, or on the flipside? … be on the receiving end of as a TDP client].

The biggest factor that goes into Tess’ client relationships is care. She cares so much about them and their businesses [almost as if that business or brand was her own].  Actually, we’d go as far as saying it’s one of her superpowers.

The perfect example of this? … if our client has just launched their kombucha range into Woolworths? It’s this here little Senior Strategist waiting outside Woolies on Saturday morning at 6am, ready to be the first purchase [we tease her for this in-house, but also adore this about her the very most].

She’s the first ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on all of our client posts, because #committedAF [and #loyalAF while we’re in the “AF” category, actually].

Our Senior Strategist, Tess? She’s the passion, and the competitiveness, and the loyalty, and the integrity that gives us the beautiful reputation we have in this industry … and all just from showing up to a job she genuinely loves [right to her core], and serving in that role the way in which she does, day in and day out.