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If anything good has come out of the pandemic, it’s us millennials jumping on TikTok during peak lockdown boredom and finding out there’s more to it than dancing. It paved the way for much more authentic short-form less glossy video content, making it so much easier and accessible for small businesses to whip out their phone, film a video and potentially go viral quicker than you can say “FYP”.

With so much content on TikTok and trends coming and going so quickly, it can sometimes be a little tricky to think quickly enough how you can hop on these trends and make them work for your product or business. Enter Dane with a hack that will really help you out! 


Step 1:

Open up TikTok and tap ‘Discover’, then in the search bar, type in some words related to your industry. We’ve popped in #socialmediamanger to find others using the same hashtag, but ‘social media manager’ as separate words works in the same way too. 


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Step 2:

Some results should show up for ya which may help to inspire, but there’s a very clever little hack that can help you find the most trending of trending content. Click the settings icon [see screenshottie below!]


Graphic of a photo with a sceenshot inside against a blue background.


Step 3:

Now you can filter by videos that have been posted yesterday, or this week which means you’ll see fresh content that will be more likely to be relevant to trending audio. You can also sort by most liked too so you can get a good idea as to what’s getting the most engagement.


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We hope this ‘lil hack helps you out when planning your TikTok strategy! While you’re at it, you should give us a follow over there too, y’know … to say thank you!  😉