Image of Dane, blog author with the text "Post ideas for when you return after taking a break from social media"

Took a break from the ‘gram? Good for you! Unplugging yourself from social media can do absolute wonders for your soul. Whatever your reasons were for taking a break, we’re *so* proud of you for putting yourself first!

Ready to make your big return but not quite sure what your first post should be? Here’s a few ideas to help inspire ya! #GuessWhosBackBackAgain


1. Explain why you switched awf

Is there a reason you took a break? Open up to your audience and let them know why you put the phone down for a little bit, and maybe what you’ve learnt from doing so and how you’re feeling now. You might just encourage someone who really needs a social media detox to do the same.


2. Tease something coming up

Got something coming up? Now is the perfect time to tease your community! Tie in your break with how you’ve just been so busy with this oh-so-exciting launch and that you can’t wait to finally share what it is.

Pro tip: if you’ve got a date in mind for when you’ll be making the announcement, use Instagram’s new ‘add reminder’ feature when posting to the feed. [This can’t be done with a scheduling tool unforch, so make sure to plan to post it manually!]

3. Throw up a camera roll dump!

If you’ve been a busy bee, the new trend of ‘camera roll dumping’ is a quick and easy way to show what you’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks. The camera roll dump is basically uploading a carousel of up to 10 images [usually unfiltered!] with no rules on whether any of the photos are even related to each other. Low effort and on trend = double win!


4. Get deep with a quote

Help inspire others with a quote on the importance of taking a break and use the caption to explain a little more on what you’ve learnt and how you’re feeling.



Did any of these ideas inspire ya to make your big return? Let us know in the comments!