If you’ve clicked into this blog, you already recognise the power of ultra-strong social media content ideas, and you’re on the hunt for inspo! The right social media content ideas can make your brand stand apart from the rest, showing that you’re not just here to spruke your offering, but you’re here to bring some real value, fun, and unique ideas to your community’s daily scroll.

But sometimes, coming up with fresh, captivating content ideas [which you can actually execute with your available resources… i.e. maybe a humble team of one] can feel like an uphill battle of Miley-esque proportions.



Even the team of content wizards at TDP can get stuck for ideas on occasion, which is why we’ve got some great sources of inspiration in our pocket that we love to refer to in a content drought. So, if you’re in need of some inspo? Here’s how we come up with social media content ideas.

Let’s see what ideas the team’s got cooking, shall we?


Your first port of call, the trustiest of calendars!


It’s Lisa here, and I’ll kick things off with the best trusty resources you can refer to year-round for 365 days of content! Our Content Calendars are full of content prompts that can become unique content pieces for your brand.

We’ve included prompts that hit a whole range of content pillars, from humanising your brand, to educating about your product offering or spreading the word about a promotion.

We’ve even got unique content calendars for TikTok and Instagram Stories, so you can take your brilliant social media content ideas across each of your channels!


We asked strategist Lizey for her go-to tips for content inspiration


Our very own Social Content Queen Lizey has a few recos up her sleeve to help you come up with some scroll-stopping social media content ideas. She recommends checking in with your audience via polls or Q&A’s on Instagram to learn more about what they’re interested in and what they want to see more of. You will likely uncover some great social media content ideas, backed by your own audience research to determine that they will be super relevant to your community!

She says it’s also really helpful to dedicate some time each week to staying on top of current pop culture trends, and TikTok/Reels trends. That’s right, your permission for some scroll-time is granted! Use the ‘save’ feature on TikTok and Instagram and screenshot any other inspo, and refer back to these in your content planning stage.


We asked Content Director Jacqui to reveal the secret sauce behind her amazing content ideas


If you follow TDP on the ‘gram or on TikTok, you’re no stranger to the creative prowess of our Content Director, Jacqui. If you ask her, Jacqui will tell you that lots of her brainstorming happens in the shower, so don’t underestimate the power of a good shower thought! (Tip: the hotter the water, the better the brainstorm, apparently!)

Jacqui is also another huge fan of TikTok as an absolute goldmine for inspiration and creative video content. When saving her faves, she organises them into Collections like ‘Great hooks’, or ‘Brilliant Storytelling’, or ‘Oooft Music’. This will make your ‘saved’ folder a bit less chaotic!

Over on Instagram you can now share your new Collections [saved folders] with others which is perfect if you work in a team.


We asked strategist Mel if she could spill her favourite sources of content inspo


Mel is always committed to creating beautiful and on-trend content, so I knew she would have some good tips for you!

Mel is dropping her favourite accounts as go-to sources of inspiration. Follow these accounts for some seriously beautiful, best-practice, on-trend, and creative content to inspire you:



She’s also a big fan of the Later EDM’s or blogs. This is a great place to refer to in a content drought, and is also really useful to stay across industry trends.



We hope your ‘break glass in case of content drought emergency’ list is now nice and full! By compiling our team’s go-to sources of social media content ideas, and also using our 365 day Content Calendar prompts, there will be no stopping ya!



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